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RT @swardley: "Some folk secretly hope others fail so they can get ahead. We should instead all hope for one another's success" @ezmobius
 Tue Dec 02 03:49:22 +0000 2014

RT @mindweather: Register for the full-day Awesome Postmortems workshop, NYC, Jan 15 2015 http://bit.ly/12izkPS

Last day for $100 off

 Tue Dec 02 04:10:51 +0000 2014

When working with people across multiple time zones, every meeting is during somebody's lunch time.
 Tue Dec 02 22:12:21 +0000 2014

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the Sandwich corollary to Greenwich's law
 Tue Dec 02 22:44:35 +0000 2014

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time is not found, it's made
 Wed Dec 03 03:11:00 +0000 2014

RT @aleszek: How PTOn Inspires Learning and Innovation from @aujoshi of @salesforceeng https://developer.salesforce.com/blogs/engineering/2014/12/pton-inspires-learning-innovation.html
 Thu Dec 04 19:02:06 +0000 2014

When you have to read a crapton of Perl even though you've done nothing wrong. #opslife
 Fri Dec 05 20:55:04 +0000 2014

Is it really possible the no one at Google uses Hangouts text chat on Yosemite? Shocking.
 Mon Dec 08 23:09:26 +0000 2014

Working on this Perl problem makes me feel like I'm suffocating on the yak hair filling this rabbit hole. #opslife
 Tue Dec 09 23:22:48 +0000 2014

RT @constantine_jn: Feel like there should be a Charles Dickens novel about the three ghosts of data center automation.

Oh, and a cripple…
 Thu Dec 11 04:52:44 +0000 2014

RT @holman: San Francisco Death Storm Update: I have no power. I found this in a drawer. How do I turn it on? Do I eat it? help http://t.co…
 Thu Dec 11 19:20:26 +0000 2014

Yeah, the Bay area infrastructure wasn't designed for this storm, we're soft, now pass me some of that locally grown organic zinfandel.
 Thu Dec 11 20:53:32 +0000 2014

@SF311 backed up drain/flooding, SW corner, 21st and Florida
 Thu Dec 11 22:59:26 +0000 2014

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That time when you packaged up a brand new fpm hours before @jordansissel released a new version (fpm -s gem -t rpm fpm, one more time!)
 Thu Dec 11 23:49:05 +0000 2014

RT @jayphilips: “You cannot inspect quality into a product. The quality is there or it isn’t by the time it’s inspected.”~W. Edwards Deming…
 Fri Dec 12 18:14:09 +0000 2014

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so everyone is interchangeable? Same job? #confused
 Sat Dec 13 21:41:09 +0000 2014

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I think you're confusing what is done with how it's done. Ops folks code too, still Ops.
 Sun Dec 14 00:45:49 +0000 2014

When electrician uses a hammer, they do not become a carpenter. When Ops folks write code, they don't become Developers. #devops
 Mon Dec 15 19:07:19 +0000 2014

#devops born out of recognition that Ops is a strategic differentiator, not merely a cost center. "Eliminate it" at your own peril.
 Mon Dec 15 19:09:35 +0000 2014

When GOOG devs do rotation on SRE team, they are Ops writing code b/c that is team focus. When return, back to Dev #devops #itsnotthetools
 Mon Dec 15 19:17:54 +0000 2014

RT @mselheimer: @davemangot @stack72 when developers carry shift duty for their apps, they don't become Operators?
 Mon Dec 15 19:20:29 +0000 2014

Experienced systems engineer/#DevOps aficionado/change agent available https://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=147327
 Thu Dec 18 20:38:20 +0000 2014

RT @peggymangot: You still use Uber? @lyft #SFin5Words
 Fri Dec 19 15:15:50 +0000 2014

RT @wouterdanes: @PatHelland's excellent talk "Subjective Consistency" that blew my brains on the first day of #reactconf : https://t.co/6…
 Mon Dec 22 03:56:55 +0000 2014

One of the things that impresses me most about the DevOps community is its dedication to community. Thanks to each and every one of you.
 Mon Dec 22 16:26:38 +0000 2014

RT @stevejennings1: Get fired. Be punk. Do what you do, be who you are https://medium.com/@goonth/get-fired-be-punk-do-what-you-do-be-who-you-are-b05ee498a4fd @umairh @TomLaForge @jhagel @katrynadow @she…
 Tue Dec 23 01:22:50 +0000 2014

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 Fri Dec 26 16:04:01 +0000 2014

Great piece - The 10 Myths of DevOps - https://sethvargo.com/the-ten-myths-of-devops/ h/t @bridgetkromhout
 Sun Dec 28 04:33:35 +0000 2014

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 Mon Dec 29 17:45:36 +0000 2014

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thanks, it was a good run. Keep up the kaizen!
 Mon Dec 29 19:38:08 +0000 2014

RT @obfuscurity: A nice example of the sharp, small, composable monitoring tool. http://gorsuch.github.io/2014/12/28/canary-v1/ /ht @michaelgorsuch
 Tue Dec 30 06:58:49 +0000 2014

We should not accept...label of "sharing economy" for...Uber...accurate term is "piecework subcontractor economy". https://stallman.org/uber.html
 Tue Dec 30 07:10:10 +0000 2014

An old favorite -- Do the right thing...http://www.mengstupiditis.com/2011/06/do-right-thing-wait-to-get-fired.html thanks @royrapoport
 Tue Dec 30 23:44:44 +0000 2014

An old favorite -- Do the right thing...http://www.mengstupiditis.com/2011/06/do-right-thing-wait-to-get-fired.html thanks @royrapoport
 Wed Dec 31 07:35:37 +0000 2014