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RT @typesafe: Typesafe CTO and founder @jboner on "Resilience". Register for his upcoming webinar! | http://bit.ly/1gDJrHg http://t.co/kGq…
 Wed Aug 05 03:33:51 +0000 2015

RT @solarce: i'm seriously giddy with how useful @Librato has been today
 Wed Aug 05 13:55:25 +0000 2015

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try NFS
 Wed Aug 05 14:10:23 +0000 2015

OH: "I don't like to use Photoshop on my machine, it sucks up all my RAM"
"You mean...like a RAMpire?"
h/t @foodiegrl
 Wed Aug 05 18:39:43 +0000 2015

Crazy about the 'M' in CAMS #devops model? Hiring OpsEng 4 @Librato,@papertrailapp. Work w/@petercnorton,@obfuscurity,@DaveJosephsen...
 Wed Aug 05 20:42:50 +0000 2015

RT @honest_update: Sorry for the downtime. In related news were looking to hire some Ops engineers…
 Thu Aug 06 05:25:51 +0000 2015

"We're going to use terraform to build that environment so I'm ready to terrafy it". "Prepare to be terrafied" - @hackenfoo
 Wed Aug 12 16:52:40 +0000 2015

Me: How do we debug this in AWS?
@DaveJosephsen: We need a Dude with a Fluke As A Service
 Fri Aug 14 18:09:43 +0000 2015

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 Sat Aug 15 04:24:19 +0000 2015

RT @kellabyte: Build a system that production environments and operational people use. Don't build a system of people that operate producti…
 Sat Aug 15 17:00:06 +0000 2015

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yes, the population of the planet is not growing fast enough, we'll soon die out
 Sat Aug 15 20:23:00 +0000 2015

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not sure whether to respond to the "when" part or just ask "train to nowhere?"
 Sat Aug 15 20:25:12 +0000 2015

RT @littleidea: if you have never had to operate anything, lots of things seem like a good idea
 Mon Aug 17 02:30:45 +0000 2015

Every week I spend a little more time working in @AtomEditor. Every week I like it a bit more.
Latest achievements: git & pep8 integration.
 Thu Aug 20 23:30:57 +0000 2015

Another @Librato Hack Day in the books, another day of being just blown away by the projects. Rivals the old days @terracottatech @ikarzali.
 Fri Aug 28 15:22:46 +0000 2015

RT @peggymangot: .@sparkgift in BI! "7 things to teach your kids in kindergarten if you want them to grow up to be rich" http://t.co/8JQBqH…
 Fri Aug 28 18:30:48 +0000 2015

RT @peggymangot: Great @sparkgift coverage by @alicetruong https://twitter.com/alicetruong/status/637300336214970368
 Fri Aug 28 18:31:35 +0000 2015

RT @mindweather: @allspaw big HUGE congratulations, John! I know you'll do awesome things for Etsy and our industry. 💯
 Mon Aug 31 23:00:07 +0000 2015