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Happy Friday
 Fri Oct 02 23:48:16 +0000 2015

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Look. We just gonna go out there, get the best people on it, and we're gonna take care of it.
 Mon Oct 05 13:54:28 +0000 2015

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... and make DevOps great again.
 Mon Oct 05 14:00:46 +0000 2015

Going to be at #reinvent this week? Need Ops Engineers to help me build cool things all over the world. Find me in booth 643. #devops
 Tue Oct 06 19:08:05 +0000 2015

RT @yesthattom: New blog post: Beyond Blame: Learning From Failure and Success: You're gonna want this book. Pre-order it now... http://t.…
 Wed Oct 07 06:51:15 +0000 2015

I'll be giving a build vs. buy talk on the lightning stage with @nwekwerth at 12:40 today and tomorrow next to @Librato booth. Stop by!
 Wed Oct 07 19:09:27 +0000 2015

Great talk by Jayme Cox of @pinterest at #reinvent Cc/ @jeremy_carroll
 Wed Oct 07 21:09:10 +0000 2015

Phew! Made it to @royrapoport's talk about @netflix at #reinvent
 Wed Oct 07 23:17:14 +0000 2015

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*shrugs* Heard he rocked his talk (as I would have expected)
 Fri Oct 09 19:37:47 +0000 2015

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saw your post about the ideal monitoring service, how about you work on one? Remote is fine. Connect thru @chezbut?
 Thu Oct 15 17:38:47 +0000 2015

RT @selenakyle: Tomorrow! Discussing #Security and #FOSS @ghc 10:30AM, 370A Level 3 GRBCC #SecuringFOSS with me, @bubbva @hypatiadotca @ter…
 Fri Oct 16 00:51:53 +0000 2015

RT @benjodom: Don't be afraid of shoveling a little shit when needed, but don't ever stop working on the shit-shoveling robot.
 Sat Oct 17 02:28:14 +0000 2015

RT @robtreat2: Every infra piece needs monitors but the goal of monitoring systems isnt monitor all the things the goal is to provide situa…
 Mon Oct 19 04:55:59 +0000 2015

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no words
 Mon Oct 19 05:06:31 +0000 2015

RT @sparkgift: Come see @sparkgift CEO @peggymangot present tomorrow at #stocktoberfest. Stock gifting for profit AND joy! @StockTwits
 Mon Oct 19 05:11:17 +0000 2015

Excited all the #DOES15 people are coming to town, having watched it take shape, I'm confident it's going to blow the doors off last year
 Mon Oct 19 05:15:27 +0000 2015

RT @leaders_devops: OpenBSD 5.8 http://www.openbsd.org/58.html via @nixcraft
 Mon Oct 19 14:08:31 +0000 2015

Really starting to get used to this new @Librato office.
 Mon Oct 19 17:09:41 +0000 2015

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21st floor
 Mon Oct 19 17:27:18 +0000 2015

RT @botchagalupe: #DOES15 Important work that started in a forum in PDX in April - http://ow.ly/TBtjB
 Tue Oct 20 04:04:34 +0000 2015

The paper I had a small part in writing w/@wickett & other smart folks (in paper) on Audit and #DevOps is published http://bit.ly/1RV4gup
 Wed Oct 21 03:31:43 +0000 2015

RT @foodiegrl: Really? @Clorox? Still using "He" in your job postings? #1955AllOverAgain #LeanIn
Associate Global Insights Mgr: https://t…
 Wed Oct 21 13:21:35 +0000 2015

Tons of #DevOps applications wrt empathy. Create the right environment. https://twitter.com/zakijam/status/656814455968305152
 Wed Oct 21 14:01:35 +0000 2015

RT @DeborahSchneidr: .@sfnewtech guests learn from @peggymangot how @sparkgift makes it easy to give #investments as gifts. #fintech https:…
 Sat Oct 24 02:59:24 +0000 2015

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In ceiling or surface mount? Been wanting to do this with cans.
 Sat Oct 24 22:22:12 +0000 2015

RT @petercnorton: Do not taunt happy fun ball when it has an API
 Mon Oct 26 21:28:44 +0000 2015

RT @mindweather: @IngmarKrusch @patrickdebois impostor! Here's the only official certified devops certification program: https://t.co/o0yS…
 Tue Oct 27 13:01:40 +0000 2015

RT @obfuscurity: I wrote a thing about a thing. http://obfuscurity.com/2015/10/Graphite-the-Phoenix-Release
 Wed Oct 28 13:47:27 +0000 2015

RT @benjodom: A smart article regarding a dev team that I really enjoyed working with. https://twitter.com/BryanaKnight/status/659176825533415424
 Wed Oct 28 16:23:36 +0000 2015

There are so many weirdos in San Francisco, I can't tell who's wearing a costume to work today vs who's just wearing their normal costume
 Fri Oct 30 15:56:13 +0000 2015

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my son is wearing the same costume this year!! #greatminds
 Sat Oct 31 17:35:03 +0000 2015