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#eviltalk idea. Play random @pagerduty alert sounds as the "advance slide" noise at an Operations Engineering conference.
 Fri Feb 02 19:43:06 +0000 2018

RT @_rayjenkins: Do I know anyone on here looking for solid hardware/software interns this summer? My son is graduating next year with a BS…
 Sat Feb 03 03:47:09 +0000 2018

RT @AlexOsterwalder: Innovation in companies is insanely hard because it clashes with the established belief system that you can:
* execut…
 Sat Feb 03 17:13:17 +0000 2018

RT @whereistanya: Don't solve problems with software that should be solved with talking.
 Tue Feb 06 04:08:56 +0000 2018

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Oooh! Wait, what? NFS?
*backs away slowly*
 Wed Feb 07 04:44:26 +0000 2018

Privileged to have met some of these amazing women but I also nominate @selenakyle and @reenamathew! https://twitter.com/thisgirlangie/status/961353599333777409
 Thu Feb 08 06:00:54 +0000 2018

RT @AppOptics: We're excited to announce the general availability of Dashboard Profiles (yes, this means dark-themed dashboards). Learn mor…
 Thu Feb 08 23:10:25 +0000 2018

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What a long, strange, trip, it's been.
 Sat Feb 10 08:23:41 +0000 2018

As a matter of fact, I have been sending copies of @dominicad's "Making Work Visible" to the managers who work for me #Kanban
 Tue Feb 13 04:48:43 +0000 2018

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Time more than money my friend!
 Sat Feb 17 05:46:06 +0000 2018

RT @mheffner: Excited to see the team rolling out our new in-house TSDB platform, replacing the Cassandra tier we've relied on for years, c…
 Thu Feb 22 05:15:21 +0000 2018

I'm growing the SRE teams at @SolarWindsCloud. Multiple positions in VAN, BOS, ATX, SLC, RTP and Brno! Show your #monitoringlove. DMs open. @AppOptics @papertrailapp
 Thu Feb 22 23:56:03 +0000 2018

RT @CodeBEAMio: Don't miss @UberGeekGirl from @Microsoft giving Keynote #CodeBEAMSF - Unreachable Code - A Conversation about Safety and H…
 Fri Feb 23 22:55:08 +0000 2018

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Human mailing tube
 Fri Feb 23 22:56:17 +0000 2018

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Paul really knows how to experience the city like a local. Welcome!
 Sun Feb 25 20:43:06 +0000 2018

Solid distributed tracing and metrics in one place already put @AppOptics far ahead of the rest of the industry. Now this gorgeous t-shirt design by @55his. It's not even fair. So proud of the work the whole team has been doing.
 Sun Feb 25 20:58:10 +0000 2018

Lean organizations optimize for speed and effectiveness - @dominicad "Making Work Visible"
 Sun Feb 25 22:39:07 +0000 2018

RT @AppOptics: You can now see Ruby performance in real time either within the service tier or across your entire distributed application.…
 Tue Feb 27 18:29:01 +0000 2018

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Hang in there!
 Wed Feb 28 02:18:18 +0000 2018