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RT @kmugrage: The world would be a better place if we would assume positive intent. Assume that person is a good person making the best cal…
 Tue Apr 02 18:08:45 +0000 2019

The longer I do this, the more I understand that kicking ass is more about building bridges between people, than it is about paving over them.
 Tue Apr 09 18:56:30 +0000 2019

RT @iamdevloper: Everybody has a plan until they deploy to production.
 Wed Apr 10 19:15:28 +0000 2019

"An incident is something you've already invested, what you need to do, is get a return on that investment." - @sidneydekkercom Just Culture: The Movie
 Thu Apr 11 17:07:46 +0000 2019

RT @rakyll: No one wants to manage servers unless they are having a production issue and all of their stuff is running on a black box.
 Fri Apr 12 19:20:11 +0000 2019

Replying to @mpchlets and @rakyll

I am a huge fan of managed services, but tend to make very specific choices about which cloud provided services we use versus ones over which we try and maintain more control. If it's very critical, I don't want to have to tell my customers to check someone else's status page.
 Fri Apr 12 21:30:51 +0000 2019

Replying to @mpchlets and @rakyll

I meant a critical component of my business, not whether the business itself is considered critical. If I blow through my SLA because, LOL, cloud service X is down, *shrug* absolutely nothing I can do here, then shame on me.
 Fri Apr 12 21:44:22 +0000 2019

RT @Carnage4Life: What's it like being a woman in tech?

You're an MIT grad who worked on creating the first pictures ever taken of a blac…
 Sat Apr 13 01:08:48 +0000 2019

RT @ReinH: My argument is that if your senior engineers aren't mentoring, they aren't actually doing the work of a senior engineer. https:/…
 Sat Apr 13 02:26:48 +0000 2019

Replying to @mpchlets and @rakyll

I spend my engineering tokens on expertise in the areas that are critical for my business, rather than relying on someone else to hopefully spend theirs wisely. Case in point: Aurora.
 Sat Apr 13 02:36:45 +0000 2019

RT @DevopsdaysB: DevOpsdays Bogotá 2019
Primer DevOpsdays en Colombia 🇨🇴
25 y 26 de Mayo
Centro de Excelencia Operacional de @Avianca
 Tue Apr 16 01:51:05 +0000 2019

RT @burntsushi5: ripgrep 11 is out! Featuring lots of bug fixes, better binary filtering UX and a hybrid regex engine mode! https://t.co/KL…
 Tue Apr 16 01:57:34 +0000 2019

Replying to @thefutureian

I think @thefutureian probably has some pretty interesting stuff to say on those topics
 Wed Apr 17 00:59:36 +0000 2019

RT @nicolefv: What is your work like? Do you get into a flow? Are you juggling tasks? Tell us all about how YOU make software in the #ASODR…
 Wed Apr 17 01:16:19 +0000 2019

RT @RealWorldDevOps: From engineering to academia to company founder, @nicolefv has a lot to say about DevOps and top-performing companies.…
 Thu Apr 18 04:11:47 +0000 2019

RT @wickett: Got some pushback on this point: security should write code and participate in software dev.

If you are in security and you d…
 Thu Apr 18 04:21:01 +0000 2019

RT @michaelpgoetz: Why are people still pushing centers of excellence? I thought we already moved on to communities of practice. Knowledge…
 Thu Apr 18 04:24:12 +0000 2019

RT @missingfaktor: "What the heck is this? You said during the interviews that you had a Kafka-based architecture?!"

"No, mate. You heard…
 Fri Apr 19 03:49:01 +0000 2019

RT @bookauthority: Bravo @dominicad! Your book "Making Work Visible" is featured in our list of best Time Management books of all time! htt…
 Fri Apr 19 04:23:05 +0000 2019

RT @jessitron: There is no such thing as “smart enough” in a complex system. There is only learning. https://twitter.com/jessitron/status/1120318404492234752
 Mon Apr 22 14:56:09 +0000 2019

OH: it's not so much a source of truth, more a source of truthiness
 Tue Apr 23 20:19:48 +0000 2019

RT @bryanmikaelian: Sometimes making two services talk to each other and rendering a JSON response really does feel like discovering fire.
 Thu Apr 25 12:30:01 +0000 2019

RT @rakyll: Unpopular opinion: There is a lot of negativity against people who are trying to deploy and maintain traditional workloads trad…
 Fri Apr 26 15:07:28 +0000 2019

Uhh, this is problematic for our industry. #devops https://twitter.com/zakijam/status/1121900061032509440
 Sat Apr 27 02:10:07 +0000 2019

RT @jasonlk: Your top performers will take on a lot of responsibilties not in their job description when they see critical gaps

That doesn…
 Sat Apr 27 16:16:47 +0000 2019

RT @jboner: “Every time we say yes to a request, we are also saying no to anything else we might accomplish with the time.”
—Tim Harford
 Sat Apr 27 16:17:24 +0000 2019

After a week consulting in the Midwest, there's no place like home. @BoostedBoards
 Sat Apr 27 16:34:25 +0000 2019

RT @kevinbehr: outsourcing work is not the same as outsourcing risk.
 Tue Apr 30 02:13:50 +0000 2019

Been reading Walkable City and came across the concept of "induced demand" where widening the road makes traffic slower. Terrific parallel to not limiting WIP which actually gets LESS work through the system. Going into my next #DevOps talk for sure!
 Wed May 01 04:00:40 +0000 2019