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Welcome to computering. No matter how much effort you put in, or what you do, things *WILL* fail. Plan accordingly.
 Thu May 02 22:57:26 +0000 2019

The best way to ensure that someone doesn't feel listened to is to immediately explain to them how their thoughts and feelings are invalid
 Sat May 04 04:27:52 +0000 2019

A collection of snowflakes makes a snowstorm, not a snow(o)man.
 Tue May 07 20:05:06 +0000 2019

RT @JPablomr: Markdown doesn't work for company logos, mr scammer
 Fri May 10 03:01:45 +0000 2019

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I get the $10 discount and $10 fee for the first year. I've been storing their device. After a year, I'll return the device and my cost will remain the same.
 Fri May 10 03:07:38 +0000 2019

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Same. It's a dust collector in the back of a closet for 12 months. *shrug*
 Fri May 10 04:06:58 +0000 2019

RT @SREcon: Sniff sniff...what's that? It's "Familiar Smells I've Detected in Your Systems Engineering Organization and How to Fix Them" pr…
 Fri May 10 15:04:51 +0000 2019

"Success makes subsequent success appear more probable, and failure less likely." - Sidney Dekker, Just Culture
 Fri May 10 22:57:04 +0000 2019

Three words to live by: iterate, iterate, iterate.
 Mon May 13 18:19:54 +0000 2019

Might have to consult the wisdom of the Internet on this one. Do I stay with the amazing 1Gbps service I get from @sonic, a local ISP, or take this very tempting offer from AT&T? 🤔
 Tue May 14 21:55:33 +0000 2019

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Not bad. No data caps, no log retention, and on the right side of Net Neutrality. $45/mo.
 Wed May 15 00:51:41 +0000 2019

I often find myself listening to the @RealWorldDevOps podcast when I have to drive to a client site, since the demise of The DevOps Cafe. Really enjoyed the discussion with @zenfounder on the importance of gratitude w/parallels to "what went well" in Agile retrospectives.
 Thu May 16 14:24:29 +0000 2019

@SF311 every morning between 8 & 8:30 the commuter buses at 25th & Valencia do not pull all the way to the curb to pick up passengers, forcing all in the bicycle lane into rush hour traffic. Could this be addressed?
 Thu May 16 15:35:12 +0000 2019

OH: "Jira hates me!"
"Don't take it personally, Jira hates everybody."
 Thu May 16 19:37:25 +0000 2019

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 Fri May 17 15:31:39 +0000 2019

Given that your monitoring needs to be more available than the system you're monitoring, if you have single points of failure in the product you sell to your customers, outsourcing your monitoring is probably advised. (no, I don't work for a monitoring company)
 Fri May 17 16:33:35 +0000 2019

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Department of redundancy department
 Sat May 18 06:18:48 +0000 2019

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In that case I'd also recommend never donating to the @splcenter. My entire donation was used up years ago by the multiple paper mailings we receive every week from a single donation. Save trees? Opt-out? *shrug*
 Wed May 22 01:14:26 +0000 2019

"real work is done at the dynamic and negotiable interface between rules that need following and complex problems and nuanced situations that need solving and managing." -Sidney Dekker, Just Culture
 Wed May 22 04:56:11 +0000 2019

RT @jpaulreed: So, I’m doing A Thing ™ in October.

And if Resilience Engineering, Chaos Engineering, better code, more effective teams, an…
 Wed May 22 13:58:10 +0000 2019

Replying to @_stevo

For context, in that chapter, Dekker is arguing that in any sufficiently large sociotechnical system, effective teams both consistently bend the rules AND bend the rules consistently (as opposed to one offs) in order to get work done. Rules are too rigid for those systems.
 Wed May 22 14:58:32 +0000 2019

Replying to @SF311

Happened again today at 26th Street. This is not 1 driver, or 1 bus, or 1 company. The buses consistently don't make the effort to pull all the way to the curb space assigned to them. There are no trees or cars blocking their path. The bicycles are forced to accommodate them.
 Wed May 22 15:41:52 +0000 2019

If culture eats strategy for breakfast, then bad architecture can eat good technology for lunch. #youreholdingitwrong
 Wed May 22 18:07:29 +0000 2019

If you have to change the audio input and output on your Mac as often as I do... https://www.themacquad.com/home/2018/5/13/change-audio-output-input-in-the-menu-bar
 Wed May 22 18:49:24 +0000 2019

TFW venturing into production feels like venturing into dungeon level 18 on a D&D expedition.
 Fri May 24 16:51:46 +0000 2019

Evergreen tweet. https://twitter.com/littleidea/status/489162812703272961
 Fri May 24 18:09:34 +0000 2019

Aaand my review of @dominicad's Making Work Visible is live... https://www.amazon.com/review/RTDKDM4SJQH5O/ref=pe_1098610_137716200_cm_rv_eml_rv0_rv
 Fri May 31 14:28:08 +0000 2019

Happy Friday everyone.
 Fri May 31 18:10:33 +0000 2019