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TFW you want to know if someone can collaboratively edit a Google Doc with you, so you look up the MX records for their domain.
 Sun Jun 02 21:01:49 +0000 2019

Always great to put a Twitter handle to a human. Really digging @101010Lund talking about incident reponse and human factors @SREcon APAC!
 Wed Jun 12 01:38:20 +0000 2019

How well does your system tolerate entropy? - @101010Lund #SREcon
 Wed Jun 12 01:45:36 +0000 2019

RT @SalesforceEng: Heading to @velocityconf or @OReillySACon this week? You can catch a Salesforce speaker at either one!
➡️@thefutureian o…
 Wed Jun 12 01:46:25 +0000 2019

RT @philiph: Hello internet friends. I'm back on the job hunt. If you know of anywhere my particular brand of ops expertise is needed, plea…
 Wed Jun 12 01:47:29 +0000 2019

No one does things they think will blow up the world - @hashoctothorpe #SREcon APAC
 Wed Jun 12 06:24:52 +0000 2019

English is a pretty blame-y language! - @hashoctothorpe #SREcon APAC
 Wed Jun 12 06:28:36 +0000 2019

"You're responsible for what you say, and you're responsible for how you interpret what others say" #truth from @hashoctothorpe #SREcon APAC
 Wed Jun 12 06:57:46 +0000 2019

Skip things that don't make sense, this is not ITIL! - @lauralifts #srecon APAC 😂
 Thu Jun 13 02:02:58 +0000 2019

#SREcon APAC talk at 11. Come talk about how to level up your SRE organization!
 Fri Jun 14 02:15:22 +0000 2019

@101010Lund dropping Napoleon Dynamite references during #SREcon APAC plenary session 😄
 Fri Jun 14 08:11:01 +0000 2019

40% of technologists would write unethical code if asked (but would feel bad) @lauralifts @postwait #SREcon APAC
 Fri Jun 14 09:12:47 +0000 2019

RT @peggymangot: Learn more about Greenhouse by Wells Fargo. Thank you for the opportunity
@pennycrosman and @AmerBanker "Checking in on W…
 Fri Jun 14 16:00:50 +0000 2019

RT @peggymangot: Excited to participate in next week's Digital Banking conference in Austin! Come say hello to me at the panel on Thursday…
 Fri Jun 14 16:18:18 +0000 2019

My slides from today's talk in Singapore for #SREcon APAC. Great to meet so many new people! https://www.slideshare.net/dmangot/familiar-smells-ive-detected-in-your-systems-engineering-organization-srecon-apac
 Fri Jun 14 16:38:01 +0000 2019

Replying to @petecheslock and @jordansissel

When oldest outgrew her American girl dolls, she sold them and made bank!
 Sun Jun 30 00:59:22 +0000 2019