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Well, (hmmm) cute AND knows YAML...
 Fri Nov 01 21:57:32 +0000 2019

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That would be a great example of doing Agile, not being Agile.
 Fri Nov 01 22:05:55 +0000 2019

RT @_st0012: Stability vs. speed – pick two by @davemangot https://buff.ly/2Zh5qNI
 Mon Nov 04 21:40:36 +0000 2019

From the never happened before department...someone in Ops at @eventbrite is picking rando Github profiles to run jobs as on their Jenkins server. (I'm more a CircleCI person myself)
 Tue Nov 05 01:01:31 +0000 2019

Seen a number of tweets and such about DevOps beyond Dev and Ops lately. I'm really happy. I wrote about this a few years ago..."It’s time to move beyond simply the Dev and the Ops of DevOps. It’s time to embrace the performance of the entire system..." https://tech.mangot.com/blog/2015/04/08/devops-across-the-enterprise-moving-past-dev-and-ops/
 Thu Nov 07 07:03:07 +0000 2019

"...particularly optimistic that what we're hearing from developers and publishers, is the ease in which they are able to get code running on PlayStation 5..."
Ease of deployment matters you say? Some Lean lessons too. #DevOps
 Thu Nov 07 18:21:34 +0000 2019

RT @IanColdwater: every woman in security should be named Cassandra
 Thu Nov 07 22:26:40 +0000 2019

RT @CoachMotto: The whole thing about building a team, you cannot skip steps. You want to skip steps, but you can't. – John Calipari
 Thu Nov 07 23:18:11 +0000 2019

Have definitely had an employment lawyer tell me the most important time to protect yourself is *before you start*, not when you're leaving. Listen to Pete! https://twitter.com/petecheslock/status/1192893467309068289
 Fri Nov 08 22:23:30 +0000 2019

RT @mnewkirk: "There is no such thing as this single-pane-of-glass tool that will suddenly provide you with perfect visibility into your ne…
 Sat Nov 09 00:09:06 +0000 2019

Loved the talk by @kaslinfields on DevOps cultural transformation. So happy to have more people applying Neuroscience to the problem! cc/@iteration1 https://twitter.com/kaslinfields/status/1192535824606187520
 Sat Nov 09 00:57:50 +0000 2019

Sending #hugops to everyone at Disney+. You got this!
 Wed Nov 13 03:32:28 +0000 2019

RT @wycats: PSA: There are a bunch of developers like me and you having a hard day today as Disney+ is launching.

I don't know any of them…
 Wed Nov 13 06:14:01 +0000 2019

RT @zakijam: Happy #WorldKindnessDay everyone!

I know, it can feel like an ironic thing to celebrate right now.

Connecting with others…
 Wed Nov 13 17:58:35 +0000 2019

RT @BrentToderian: A 13-year study of a dozen cities found that protected bike-lanes led to a drastic decline in fatalities for all users o…
 Thu Nov 14 23:50:07 +0000 2019

RT @daviddesteno: @robertwrighter @DanTGilbert @zakijam At a very broad level, there can be some truth. But we tend to find that the correl…
 Sat Nov 16 00:53:34 +0000 2019

RT @patrickdebois: Every silo:
Why can’t the others be more like us
 Sat Nov 16 00:59:55 +0000 2019

RT @social_brains: My own writing will never top this
 Sat Nov 16 21:17:05 +0000 2019

"The idea that there are...people who only have strengths and no weaknesses...is a prescription for mediocrity if not for incompetence. Strong people always have strong weaknesses too. Where there are peaks, there are valleys." -Peter F. Drucker
 Sun Nov 17 22:54:31 +0000 2019

While reading Drucker (circa 1967) where every 3rd word is he, him, or man, it's jarring when talking about organizations: "And it needs diversity. Or else it will lack the ability to change and the ability for dissent which the right decision demands."
 Mon Nov 18 01:41:38 +0000 2019

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Yes Andrew, but in which Mexico?
 Mon Nov 18 16:56:36 +0000 2019

RT @peterbourgon: "The greatest limitation in writing software is our ability to understand the systems we are creating . . . Simpler desig…
 Mon Nov 18 22:01:36 +0000 2019

RT @seanrose: @ anyone I may know who works at Salesforce. This seems like an amazing opportunity to do something nice.

 Tue Nov 19 17:37:36 +0000 2019

RT @katerj: My entire team was laid off this morning. I’m devastated to say the least.

I have experience in JavaScript, React, Redux, sty…
 Tue Nov 19 17:51:54 +0000 2019

RT @Jason_Morrow: Comparing metro area commutes. Brooklyn to Philly: 100 miles, 2 hours. Oakland to Mountain View, 50 miles, 1:45. NYC met…
 Tue Nov 19 17:56:07 +0000 2019

RT @QuinnyPig: PSA: You don’t want to make firm architectural plans until after re:Invent.
 Tue Nov 19 20:54:31 +0000 2019

RT @StevenMurawski: Deploy on Fridays, or Don't https://buff.ly/2pAUdrD via @davemangot< interesting read about Friday deployment.
 Wed Nov 20 17:49:27 +0000 2019

Very interesting points. This is why local @devopsdays can be so great! Also, *please* no more wasteful conference tees. Use the funds for charity or to sponsor diversity tickets. https://twitter.com/jmeickle/status/1196845776078548992
 Wed Nov 20 18:11:52 +0000 2019

RT @CodeWisdom: "Telling a programmer there's already a library to do X is like telling a songwriter there's already a song about love." -…
 Wed Nov 20 18:22:32 +0000 2019

Heard from a colleague how much they APPRECIATED having childcare provided at the conference they were attending. It was the difference between going and not going. Bravo to the conferences that do this (and another thing you can do with t-shirt money).
 Wed Nov 20 19:04:12 +0000 2019

RT @DOES_USA: What do great #leaders do differently as organizations scale #DevOps? Use these best practices to set everyone up for success…
 Wed Nov 20 20:00:39 +0000 2019

RT @IDGCN: In order to be truly productive, we must approach our work deliberately, not simply using recency as our measure https://t.co/ts…
 Thu Nov 21 15:28:41 +0000 2019

RT @jillianerowe: It would be soooo much more doable for me to go to a conference if childcare was provided! https://twitter.com/davemangot/status/1197229172478726145
 Thu Nov 21 15:28:51 +0000 2019

RT @mindweather: Management is a lot like surfing:
1) it appears both impossible and deceptively easy;
2) no two waves are the same;
3) wi…
 Thu Nov 21 17:11:22 +0000 2019

RT @social_brains: Yup
 Thu Nov 21 21:28:58 +0000 2019

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Every day
 Thu Nov 21 22:00:57 +0000 2019

RT @social_brains: If only women chose better #insertsarcasticemoji
 Thu Nov 21 22:06:31 +0000 2019

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Can you believe I genuinely miss it?!?
 Fri Nov 22 18:20:19 +0000 2019


 Fri Nov 22 18:53:05 +0000 2019

The appointment today is at 1. 😧 Egads, timezones, amirite?
 Fri Nov 22 19:06:44 +0000 2019

This might count as spreading it around the internet. :) https://twitter.com/rob_hale_vt/status/1197954534045302784
 Fri Nov 22 19:54:40 +0000 2019

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Heh, that's only part A. Part B was they were referring to CET.
 Fri Nov 22 23:54:58 +0000 2019

Unpopular opinion: all business calls should be video calls
 Sat Nov 23 17:27:33 +0000 2019

This is how I regret making donations. My donations don't go to the cause, but used up sending me a constant stream of dead trees in the mail. Multiple times a week from @splcenter for years. Now three days in a row from @StJudeResearch.
 Sat Nov 23 21:38:27 +0000 2019

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Second for considering Amplifi from @ubnt. I've really been impressed (and I'm running AC Pros somewhere else).
 Sun Nov 24 22:52:54 +0000 2019

RT @zakijam: As Kari and I write in our data appendix:

"Science is not a set of facts, but a process... it is alive."

I think this is a…
 Mon Nov 25 19:30:56 +0000 2019

There must be a German word for using state of the art tools where there is not state of the art infrastructure.
 Mon Nov 25 19:54:44 +0000 2019

RT @alvrod: if there is one key devops learning, it's "whatever hurts you, the solution is to do it more often"
 Mon Nov 25 20:03:24 +0000 2019

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Was partial to the E250 myself (and tested both at Sun before they were released).
 Tue Nov 26 15:55:57 +0000 2019

RT @noahsussman: Instead of planning poker I want to do a Tarot reading before each sprint. It would be just as scientific but a lot more f…
 Tue Nov 26 16:29:20 +0000 2019

RT @ITRevBooks: The #UnicornProject is now available worldwide! See what Dave Mangot (@davemangot) had to say after reading the book ❤️🦄🌈…
 Tue Nov 26 16:41:37 +0000 2019

Wired: cute little downtown with shops and restaurants that encourage pedestrian traffic
Tired: traffic lights to cross the street optimized for vehicular traffic 🙄
 Tue Nov 26 22:51:34 +0000 2019

RT @nellshamrell: Looking to pick up some copies of @RealGeneKim's "The Unicorn Project" for you team? There is currently a promotion (ends…
 Tue Nov 26 23:54:28 +0000 2019

RT @FumikoHoeft: NEW article. Brain patterns most susceptible to sleep loss may be exacerbated in adolescence, a time of significant brain…
 Wed Nov 27 00:07:14 +0000 2019

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UBNT, pick your poison
 Wed Nov 27 17:50:38 +0000 2019

RT @patilindrajeets: Is empathy the default response to suffering?
A meta-analytic evaluation of perspective taking’s effect on empathic c…
 Wed Nov 27 17:52:05 +0000 2019

The display on careers in robotics at @msichicago has only white men? My daughters don't see anyone that looks like them. #DoBetter
 Wed Nov 27 21:10:11 +0000 2019

Happy Thanksgiving! If you're not deploying new code to production today it's because your monitoring and tests aren't good enough. https://hackernoon.com/deploy-on-fridays-or-dont-qg2y32jk.
 Thu Nov 28 20:48:15 +0000 2019

Happy Birthday @stagr_lee
 Thu Nov 28 21:07:21 +0000 2019

RT @RandomNoun7: Pro tip for conference attendees. That thing you found useless about a conference talk almost certainly wasn’t useless to…
 Sun Dec 01 01:18:56 +0000 2019

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Oh dear Lord, another fanatic! (tbh, I like mine just fine, not a life changer)
 Sun Dec 01 01:27:15 +0000 2019

 Sun Dec 01 01:32:54 +0000 2019

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Privilege is likely a larger factor than interest. (or hard work)
 Sun Dec 01 04:47:02 +0000 2019