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Nice. I was on a Zoom call with someone in VA this week who screen shared to show off his 500 Mbps connection. I was like "Don't want to have to do this but..." 😁
Of course, I've documented how good it is here: https://tech.mangot.com/blog/2018/11/08/showing-a-gigabit-openbsd-firewall-some-monitoring-love/
 Fri May 01 16:51:59 +0000 2020

That time I overwrote the entire customer service database during an "upgrade" without testing the backup. The upgrade failed. The backup did too. No more data. 😳 https://twitter.com/ElleArmageddon/status/1255870742727585792
 Fri May 01 17:07:54 +0000 2020

RT @SDotVA: Haven’t stopped laughing.
 Fri May 01 17:28:13 +0000 2020

RT @ScottWlaschin: Apparently there's a new study out that shows that anecdotal evidence is almost as reliable as double-blind randomized p…
 Fri May 01 20:33:08 +0000 2020

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Don't fix problems, solve them!
 Sat May 02 04:50:57 +0000 2020

RT @kharyp: A contrast in privilege

 Sat May 02 05:08:00 +0000 2020

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I might recommend the Chateau Mangot from Bordeaux
 Sat May 02 23:19:52 +0000 2020

RT @ValaAfshar: Compared with people at low-trust companies, people at high-trust companies report 74% less stress, 106% more energy at wor…
 Sun May 03 17:16:21 +0000 2020

RT @postwait: Let me make this crystal clear.

Heroes wear face makes.
Heroes keep others safe.
Heroes practice social distancing.

Be a he…
 Mon May 04 00:24:25 +0000 2020

RT @DevHawk: This is a great thread on covid19 project cooperation by @yuorme. I am volunteering time to help manage the @helpfuleng DevOps…
 Mon May 04 01:07:25 +0000 2020

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French toast, Shabbat? French toast, Shabbat?
 Mon May 04 01:12:39 +0000 2020

RT @fogus: In all my years of consulting one lesson that has rung true time and time again -- those at the top of the organization set the…
 Wed May 06 23:03:17 +0000 2020

RT @emollick: Wow! Noise is a secret killer of performance. A 10db noise increase (from a dishwasher to a vacuum) drops productivity by 5%…
 Thu May 07 16:32:53 +0000 2020

RT @ClaraJeffery: I feel like Valencia Street could close to cars, do this and—with rigorous hewing to social distancing— it would be fanta…
 Thu May 07 16:44:23 +0000 2020

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 Thu May 07 16:54:44 +0000 2020

RT @helpfuleng: One of our projects, ARMEE Ventilator, was featured in 3dprintingindustry!

Volunteers develop 3D printable ventilator base…
 Thu May 07 19:18:17 +0000 2020

RT @helpfuleng: Learn more about our MASKProject, an open standard respirator, N95 alternative #facemask made to help our #healthcareheros…
 Fri May 08 16:53:01 +0000 2020

For the record, count me all in on #TeamNicole. She's literally reshaping our industry for the better. https://twitter.com/nicolefv/status/1258750746670927873
 Fri May 08 16:56:50 +0000 2020

RT @EFF: There’s no such thing as a backdoor that only lets in the "good guys."
 Fri May 08 23:54:13 +0000 2020

RT @rakyll: I used to think I can't be effective when working from home. During this pandemic, I realized it's only because I have never wo…
 Fri May 08 23:55:41 +0000 2020

RT @GavinNewsom: CA is now a vote by mail state.

Every registered voter will receive a mail-in ballot for the Nov election.

We’ll also pr…
 Sat May 09 00:03:41 +0000 2020

RT @Abebab: Technochauvinism: the belief that tech is always the solution (Broussard) is a helluva drug https://twitter.com/DrAlakbarov/status/1258444263031017473
 Sat May 09 02:43:11 +0000 2020

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I believe the technical term is Covidiot, Ben.
 Sat May 09 23:36:44 +0000 2020

RT @DalaiLama: I urge young women to accept leadership roles. We need you to promote love and compassion. Realise my dream—that the 200 nat…
 Sat May 09 23:59:44 +0000 2020

RT @helpfuleng: Project Spotlight: Manufacturer Database

A database from Helpful Engineering of local volunteers in 3D printing, laser cut…
 Sun May 10 00:12:59 +0000 2020

RT @JHUSystems: The team that in January created the now-indispensable Covid-19 dashboard found itself at the center of a historic first: t…
 Sun May 10 00:22:11 +0000 2020

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I think it's worth looking up the definition of both socialism and tyranny because being prevented from murdering people is neither.
 Sun May 10 05:01:36 +0000 2020

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So you know for a fact she's not asymptomatic at this point and is not spreading the virus? Because by the time you feel sick it's far far far too late.
 Sun May 10 05:54:35 +0000 2020

RT @alicegoldfuss: 🎶when your big tech lawsuit
quietly gets the boot
that's Damore🎶 https://twitter.com/Gizmodo/status/1259288036082360320
 Mon May 11 04:29:31 +0000 2020

RT @ltgrusselhonore: Wake Up #America You went batshit we had 2000 People Die During #Katrina , Now 15 Years Later we have over 2000 People…
 Mon May 11 04:33:52 +0000 2020

RT @NelsonRussellM: Today we honor women in all circumstances around the world.

Dear sisters, I say to you as I have said before: We need…
 Mon May 11 04:37:10 +0000 2020

RT @existentialcoms: If you want to spread democracy don't spread it overseas with bombs.

Spread it to your workplace.
Spread it to the me…
 Mon May 11 05:14:03 +0000 2020

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Will he be providing quarantine housing at the factory so that people can make luxury cars? How sealed from society will the factory be? For how long?
 Tue May 12 15:06:39 +0000 2020

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Because those workers have families and intact with society at large, all of which have people over the age of 65 and a virus that spreads exponentially and we can't test to see who has it until it's too late. But sure, lecture me on logic.
 Tue May 12 16:16:48 +0000 2020

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We already covered this. They have families, they interact with society. If they have the virus and are asymptomatic, unless they are quarantined, they will kill people directly or indirectly. None of these facts are in debate.
 Tue May 12 21:07:41 +0000 2020

RT @KentBeck: Acknowledging that a failure is a failure is less demoralizing than pretending it's a success.
 Tue May 12 21:45:52 +0000 2020

RT @Bob_Wachter: 14/ Are there any models for people doing frequent tests for infections, downloading to phone, & using results to demonstr…
 Tue May 12 22:18:31 +0000 2020

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Congratulations. You've just invented the foundations for testing coupled with contact tracing, the method being used by every country bending the curve down. So if you were to get a tiny bit more ambitious (like an electric car!) you would be in excellent company.
 Wed May 13 16:31:22 +0000 2020

RT @mike_julian: The Duckbill Group is looking for our next team member to help optimize our clients' AWS bills.

Come join us and do great…
 Wed May 13 17:32:22 +0000 2020

 Wed May 13 17:41:14 +0000 2020

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You made that up completely out of thin air from what?
 Wed May 13 20:29:49 +0000 2020

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YOU arrived at the foundations of testing and contract tracing yourself. Either the billionaire forces people to put their families at risk for capitalism, or he forces a person he knows from an economic advisory panel to invoke the DPA for tests. Value human life.
 Wed May 13 22:28:52 +0000 2020

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Value human life over 65. You are tossing them away because they don't work. Your desire to work is not more valuable than an older person's right to life. Right to work is not in the Constitution. Life undeniably is.
 Wed May 13 23:47:12 +0000 2020

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If the mortality rate were switched and it as "only 1%" for children under 12 instead of those over 65, would you be advocating for people to sacrifice their children instead of their grandparents? I doubt it. FIN.
 Thu May 14 00:04:17 +0000 2020

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Maybe you should meet a Latino family sometime
 Thu May 14 01:36:24 +0000 2020

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I'm inserting your bio here. Also, you have a wicked funny definition of generalizing.
 Thu May 14 02:38:17 +0000 2020

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Same first job, same time, same user base!
 Thu May 14 22:55:28 +0000 2020

RT @helpfuleng: Check out our feature in Scientific American for the MASKProject!
 Thu May 14 22:58:06 +0000 2020

RT @peggymangot: Disagree. Video is the de facto solution. Google has been doing video for every meeting for 10+? years. Give it time, peop…
 Thu May 14 23:02:45 +0000 2020

RT @CallieGontheT: fuck your neon capitalist aestheticism, THIS is what cyberpunk is
 Thu May 14 23:17:06 +0000 2020

Unpopular opinion: griping about estimates in software is a privilege many organisations do not have
 Fri May 15 17:42:20 +0000 2020

RT @rakyll: When people copy large companies, they copy their tools not their engineering culture. Tools fill the gaps and makes the tediou…
 Fri May 15 19:26:49 +0000 2020

Really great piece by @CathyReisenwitz about diversifying your workforce with the formerly incarcerated. https://www.getclockwise.com/blog/why-felons-make-the-best-engineers 👏
 Fri May 15 22:36:29 +0000 2020

RT @sethvargo: People are the hardest problem in computer science.
 Sat May 16 05:15:17 +0000 2020

RT @kvlly: Entering in the 2FA code before it expires always feels like I’m defusing a bomb.
 Sat May 16 05:19:40 +0000 2020

RT @nick_kapur: Watch how the ultra-wealthy in America gradually raised the taxes of the poor and eventually bent the curve downward until…
 Sun May 17 02:42:42 +0000 2020

If you love EDM, you'll love https://littlstar.com/live
 Sun May 17 03:41:08 +0000 2020

https://littlstar.com/live is crushing it, are you?
 Mon May 18 04:31:42 +0000 2020

RT @peggymangot: People used to procreate to produce farm / homestead workers, I did it for tech support
 Tue May 19 17:26:04 +0000 2020

RT @helpfuleng: Vent-Con 2020 5/23 is a virtual mini-convention focused on open source ventilators. https://hubs.ly/H0qF2wT0
 Tue May 19 17:26:49 +0000 2020

RT @helpfuleng: Please Join us for a 3-hour #Virtual Mini-Conference
Thurs 5/21
7:00AM – 10:30AM PDT
This conference will review the impres…
 Tue May 19 20:51:33 +0000 2020

RT @neiltyson: I dream of a world where truth shapes people's politics, rather politics shaping what people think is true.
 Wed May 20 01:33:11 +0000 2020

RT @exploratorium: Help the Exploratorium recover & reopen! We’re much more than a museum. We’re a nonprofit organization whose education w…
 Wed May 20 03:43:56 +0000 2020

I really like the explicit tie in between learning organizations and psychological safety in this piece. https://blog.dropbox.com/topics/work-culture/amy-edmondson-on-the-power-of-psychological-safety-in-distribute
 Wed May 20 17:43:24 +0000 2020

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You mean to say we have a problem with understanding, at scale?
 Wed May 20 19:09:00 +0000 2020

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Marty's Special. Is there another answer??
 Thu May 21 01:32:09 +0000 2020

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Plums (later) and lemons here
 Thu May 21 16:28:45 +0000 2020

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I'd never take you seriously Oli, seriously.
 Thu May 21 16:43:09 +0000 2020

RT @helpfuleng: ⭐Pre Data Interoperability Event Series
Open Space Supply Demand Matching Virtual Data Con
Saturday, May 23
10AM PST, 1PM E…
 Fri May 22 17:47:50 +0000 2020

RT @littlstar: ⚡🍾We are very excited to announce that we will be streaming Lightning in a Bottle Digital festival allllll weekend long! 🍾⚡…
 Fri May 22 18:19:00 +0000 2020

RT @helpfuleng: Check out the feature of projects RespiraWorks from @ZDNet
These #opensource projects are helping to tackle the #coronaviru…
 Fri May 22 20:00:02 +0000 2020

RT @colinohconnor: Next Thursday at 2 pm EST, I'll have the pleasure of talking live with @davemangot as part of @JoinTerminal's Ask-Me-An…
 Sat May 23 02:49:10 +0000 2020

RT @RealMikeRother: The Lean community, and perhaps humanity at large, may be learning that a simple, single-minded focus on reducing cost…
 Sat May 23 03:52:35 +0000 2020

I've always been looking for a clear way of describing cost of delay, this is not what I was looking for https://twitter.com/t_magennis/status/1263504869316415490
 Sat May 23 04:53:05 +0000 2020

Looks pretty darn familiar! http://tech.mangot.com/blog/2019/01/09/an-agile-sre-meeting-plan/ https://twitter.com/BrettonPutter/status/1263837489829216258
 Sun May 24 17:26:00 +0000 2020

This reading list is SOLID! https://twitter.com/lambertrandy/status/1264677855327379458
 Mon May 25 02:54:37 +0000 2020

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"freedom" on Memorial Day cc/ @umairh
 Mon May 25 03:07:10 +0000 2020

RT @JoinTerminal: Our next AMA is featuring Dave Mangot,@davemangot Principal at Mangoteque in conversation with Terminal's Remote Teams Ad…
 Tue May 26 14:39:01 +0000 2020

Oh geez, so much scar tissue https://twitter.com/vijayshekhar/status/1247952051557949441
 Tue May 26 17:34:05 +0000 2020

RT @Code2040: Our 2020 Fellows Program Mentor application closes in 3 days! We're looking for tech professionals who actively participate a…
 Tue May 26 23:50:50 +0000 2020

SF heat wave broke the weather app!
 Wed May 27 15:10:31 +0000 2020

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How would we find out about how much everything sucks?
 Wed May 27 16:35:49 +0000 2020

I'd be a lot better at speaking Spanish if I didn't make so many mistakes.
 Wed May 27 16:45:56 +0000 2020

Saw this week that @nicolefv posted about the Internet being terrible very likely because someone was being ridiculous so I'm going to pile on the chorus of folks urging you to treat women as colleagues and team members instead of interlopers in tech.
 Wed May 27 21:01:57 +0000 2020

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me feel sorry for real conservatives. Don't try to do better, just do better. I'm told there are plenty of apps that have people who are eager for you to tell them how attractive they are. Keep it out of our work.
 Wed May 27 21:01:58 +0000 2020

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I've had the opportunity to work with, present with (#DOES14!), and learn from so many talented women over the years that honestly any former Google engineers who think that it's anti-conservative to tell people they can't say things that are moronic about their coworkers makes
 Wed May 27 21:01:58 +0000 2020

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I was asked to fill out a survey about why I was so supportive of women in tech. I turned to Tina, a fantastic NetEng in her own right and said the questions were confusing. She said "it's because to don't treat people differently based on their gender".
 Wed May 27 21:01:58 +0000 2020

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math/science. My first job after uni was in a Lab and my first boss was Dr. Cheryl, then Dr. Maura. Both also brilliant. Then a post-doc showed up Dr. Lori who used to teach neuroanatomy to med students. By the time I entered tech, this had been my experience. When I was at SFDC,
 Wed May 27 21:01:58 +0000 2020

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My story: my mom has been a math adjunct professor for as long as I can remember. She left her PhD program and job at IBM to have a kid who was foolish enough to start a consulting company right before a pandemic. She has been my role model my entire life for brilliant women in
 Wed May 27 21:01:58 +0000 2020

I'm case it wasn't clear, FUCK CANCER!
 Thu May 28 05:14:33 +0000 2020

RT @TrueFactsStated: They didn’t bend curve. New Zealand crushed it. Leaders lead. @jacindaardern https://twitter.com/radionz/status/1265451996577820672
 Thu May 28 07:00:01 +0000 2020

RT @ClaraJeffery: There are 95 billionaires in San Francisco. They should be writing a lot more/bigger checks. And we should be changing th…
 Thu May 28 07:10:39 +0000 2020

RT @JoinTerminal: Our next AMA is happening today featuring Dave Mangot,
@davemangot Principal at Mangoteque in conversation with Terminal'…
 Thu May 28 16:49:21 +0000 2020

RT @JoinTerminal: “Whether you’re a small startup or major corporation, it’s about whether you put the culture in place to allow your distr…
 Thu May 28 18:51:14 +0000 2020

RT @JoinTerminal: “If you treat remote teams with transparency and communication and incentivize the right outcomes, you’ll be successful.”…
 Thu May 28 18:51:18 +0000 2020

RT @JoinTerminal: "The ability to go distributed and find talent wherever they are, opens up opportunities tremendously. SV doesn’t have a…
 Thu May 28 18:51:33 +0000 2020

RT @JoinTerminal: "At Solarwinds, we mapped it out, and were really deliberate in each stage of the interview process. We didn't do whitebo…
 Thu May 28 18:51:46 +0000 2020

RT @clare_liguori: @rakyll I find that number of meetings is actually a good measure of productivity, it's just inversely proportional 😉
 Thu May 28 22:22:01 +0000 2020

Seeing Smokeping graphs always brings me joy. (Not because of the outage) https://twitter.com/somafm/status/1266125237365534720
 Thu May 28 22:33:40 +0000 2020

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I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess his reaction would be to point out US police firing rubber bullets and tear gas at unarmed black protesters sitting on the ground with their hands up this week. Just a guess. https://twitter.com/lacunalingua/status/1265500413048098816?s=19
 Fri May 29 15:11:34 +0000 2020

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I feel a Muppet movie forming
 Fri May 29 21:51:13 +0000 2020

RT @jordansissel: @nathenharvey @MikeRosTX @patrickdebois @phrawzty @jbrodley @QuinnyPig @allspaw @solarce @jasonhand I really liked #hugop…
 Fri May 29 23:48:14 +0000 2020

RT @alwaystheself: Peace is not the absence of uprisings and flames. It's the absence of oppression, injustice, lawless murder, fear, hatre…
 Sat May 30 03:08:51 +0000 2020

RT @lara_hogan: Managers/Leaders: This is an emergency.
1. Prioritize one-way communication over anything that requires others to participa…
 Sat May 30 03:32:56 +0000 2020

Another fantastic live music festival in support of COVID-19 relief.

 Sat May 30 21:16:01 +0000 2020

RT @helpfuleng: Helpful Engineering's Hackathon Week
Friday, 6/12 - Sunday 6/21
Join us for a 10-day sprint to create tools to help the wor…
 Sun May 31 01:45:47 +0000 2020

RT @profcikara: Apropos of A LOT, @david_m_amodio and I just posted our review "The Social Neuroscience of Prejudice" (to appear in Annual…
 Sun May 31 02:03:02 +0000 2020

RT @MikeMongo: Thanks to President @BarackObama for the foresight and leadership in 2011 for funding NASA Commercial Crew and SpaceX' Crew…
 Sun May 31 02:49:35 +0000 2020

🤦‍♂️ https://twitter.com/stirman/status/1266876587472896000
 Sun May 31 02:53:50 +0000 2020

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Since you're obviously a scholar on Dr. King, what would he have said about riots?
 Sun May 31 03:20:12 +0000 2020

This is what leadership looks like. He asks, he doesn't tell. https://twitter.com/midmichigannow/status/1266907736735956996
 Sun May 31 03:40:42 +0000 2020

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Our medical professionals are wearing N95 masks designed for painters, and face shields printed by hobbyists, in a pandemic.
 Sun May 31 18:16:46 +0000 2020

RT @jonmummolo: My latest research out today in @PNASNews. “Militarization fails to enhance police safety or reduce crime but may harm poli…
 Mon Jun 01 00:57:04 +0000 2020

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injustice, it is a crime of avodah zarah, it is a breach of faith. It bespeaks lack of faith in G-d Who is av echad le-kulanu, One Father for all humans, making us all brothers.” 3/3
 Mon Jun 01 02:29:19 +0000 2020

Replying to @davemangot

the methodical economic exploitation of one segment of our population, the systematic oppression of one race as the source of cheap labor and its designation as the first to suffer in any economic recession. When the economy of a great nation is built upon such patent 2/3
 Mon Jun 01 02:29:19 +0000 2020

RIP Rabbi Norman Lamm Dec 1927 - today, on racism in 1963. "It was bad enough when hate-frenzied mobs lynched individual Negroes. But this crime of shefikhat damim (homicide) is exceeded by the greater blot on our record:" 1/3
 Mon Jun 01 02:29:19 +0000 2020