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RT @IngDanielB: Sin duda alguna, el mejor evento de DevOps #DevOpsDaysMDE @DevopsdaysMed #DevOps
 Sat Aug 01 15:27:46 +0000 2020

RT @Sheynnie_Mcr: Excelentes las charlas de Christian Gómez sobre automatización ágil de pruebas y Camilo Piedrahíta de Bancolombia sobre d…
 Sat Aug 01 15:28:30 +0000 2020

RT @Bob_Wachter: 18/ And, mask wearing in SF, while not 100% universal, is pretty darn good – combo of strong & consistent messaging from l…
 Sat Aug 01 15:59:27 +0000 2020

RT @Bob_Wachter: 14/ Strong political leadership, incl. by Mayor @LondonBreed & health leaders, has been key. As ex-HHS secty Leavitt said,…
 Sat Aug 01 15:59:45 +0000 2020

RT @Bob_Wachter: 25/ While SF's current status is worse than we'd like, it has hammered & danced better than any major U.S. city. If we fol…
 Sat Aug 01 16:01:18 +0000 2020

RT @patrickdebois: Ranum : laws of log analysis

*never keep more than you can conceive of possibly looking at
*the # of times an uninteres…
 Sat Aug 01 17:29:30 +0000 2020

RT @UberGeekGirl:
 Sun Aug 02 06:07:27 +0000 2020

RT @MikeRosTX: On Aug 8th, don't miss the biggest #WomenInTech #VirtualConference absolutely FREE happening in #LatinAmerica hosted from #A…
 Mon Aug 03 21:12:04 +0000 2020

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 Tue Aug 04 21:57:58 +0000 2020

RT @GirlsinTech: The Latin American #fintech industry is booming, and women are stepping up as fintech leaders, with 5 times as many female…
 Tue Aug 04 23:50:31 +0000 2020

She never ceases to amaze. https://twitter.com/Hugh_Son/status/1290993141970096129
 Wed Aug 05 17:11:47 +0000 2020

RT @DianaInitiative: We are pleased to announce our 2 opening keynote speakers Yolonda Smith @ysmithnd & Tracy Z. Maleeff @InfoSecSherpa
 Wed Aug 05 17:59:07 +0000 2020

Thank goodness technology has made only ethical decisions up to this point because of all the CS majors in our field guiding us along through history by explaining its underpinnings. Now Google wants to come along and mess it all up. 🙄 https://twitter.com/Grady_Booch/status/1290550738867740674
 Wed Aug 05 18:19:19 +0000 2020

I just find it weird when people talk about tech like it's a single thing. As if doctors would argue that there should be no DOs, dentists, respiratory therapists, nurses, orderlies, psychologists, etc. and that there is not room for folks in medicine without an MD. https://twitter.com/Grady_Booch/status/1290550738867740674
 Wed Aug 05 18:29:08 +0000 2020

RT @mononcqc: Most tech interview processes optimize for the 1-5% of the work we fantasize we could spend more time on rather than the vast…
 Wed Aug 05 20:41:44 +0000 2020

Change is a process, not an event - @onprodmgmt
 Wed Aug 05 21:23:26 +0000 2020

RT @lindydonna: To prove a point:

Please RT if you don't have a CS degree and you have a job in tech. https://twitter.com/lindydonna/status/1095878354023129088
 Thu Aug 06 01:11:52 +0000 2020

RT @humanworkplace: Q. I hired a new employee just before quarantine started. Unfortunately I had to let her go last week. She was in an ad…
 Thu Aug 06 01:53:52 +0000 2020

RT @TheOfficialACM: Fran Allen, the first woman to receive the #ACMTuringAward and @IBM's first female Fellow, passed away yesterday on her…
 Fri Aug 07 02:37:20 +0000 2020

RT @DevopsdaysMed: ¡¡Mujeres en DevOps!!

@MonicaMhz , Ingeniera de software, fundadora y CEO de @MASGlobalCo más de 20 años de experiencia…
 Fri Aug 07 02:39:08 +0000 2020

RT @moshjeier: I’ve suffered through full fledged burnout twice. Almost left tech to become an EMT. If you start to feel any of the symptom…
 Tue Aug 11 16:37:14 +0000 2020

RT @lara_hogan: I’m so excited!! Starting Sept. 8 my best management and leadership lessons will be available to you right on your computer…
 Tue Aug 11 17:05:21 +0000 2020

RT @chris_herd: 4 months of remote changed everything:

- 10% of people worked remotely before pandemic
- 70% of people could be remote by…
 Tue Aug 11 21:49:24 +0000 2020

RT @jpaulreed: s/security/operations/g https://twitter.com/TheDevilsVoice/status/1181292036525309954
 Wed Aug 12 01:23:13 +0000 2020

RT @signalapp: TFW you deploy right in the middle of world events. Good thing we had already chosen our VP of monitoring. https://t.co/UlQd…
 Wed Aug 12 02:58:24 +0000 2020

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I feel seen.
 Wed Aug 12 17:37:18 +0000 2020

Reduces. Level. Of. Panic. https://slate.com/technology/2020/08/gaiter-study-flawed.amp?__twitter_impression=true
 Wed Aug 12 17:57:56 +0000 2020

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And mine to jazz! (Jumpin Jive)
 Thu Aug 13 03:05:07 +0000 2020

RT @ph1: Giving delivery teams autonomy is great and all, but there exist a set of decisions which:
a) don't really impact a single team ei…
 Thu Aug 13 17:57:51 +0000 2020

RT @Benioff: Salesforce is giving all employees worldwide the day off to vote on Election Day. The best policy here will not be time-bound…
 Thu Aug 13 18:12:55 +0000 2020

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My 7th grader has been doing Codakid for Unreal Engine this summer. He enjoys it. Videos with one on one help available. I think they just launched live instructor.
 Thu Aug 13 18:28:16 +0000 2020

RT @Ramin_DK: I don't know who needs to hear this: new employees should not *create* docs. They have no context.

New employees should test…
 Fri Aug 14 16:11:08 +0000 2020

RT @kelseyhightower: SRE rule number four thousand and eighty. Deploying on Friday is shady. So devs watch your stack 'cause you might have…
 Fri Aug 14 16:31:43 +0000 2020

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I use Cloud Functions! Thanks Jez!
 Fri Aug 14 16:50:29 +0000 2020

RT @helpfuleng: Check out the Project @respiraworks, an #opensource, easy to build, affordable #ventilator for developing countries, GitHub…
 Sat Aug 15 18:15:52 +0000 2020

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Not even just in code. Thief unknown dependencies is one of the thieves @dominicad warns us about.
 Sat Aug 15 18:36:13 +0000 2020

RT @_AlexYates_: If DevOps is someone else's job at your company, your company doesn't understand DevOps.
 Sat Aug 15 18:49:20 +0000 2020

RT @nickstenning: So much organisational dysfunction could be avoided if managers and leaders spent more time listening to those closer to…
 Sun Aug 16 01:16:55 +0000 2020

RT @helpfuleng: Project Origami Face Mask is now a manufacturing provider for the Los Angeles Area! If you are an Angeleno who is in need o…
 Sun Aug 16 20:03:26 +0000 2020

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Hope things turn around soon! Glad you're safe.
 Mon Aug 17 00:26:45 +0000 2020

RT @doctorow: New coinage: "Surveillance lag," the delay after a web page downloads, but before it renders, while the underlying ad-tech ru…
 Mon Aug 17 16:53:07 +0000 2020

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 Mon Aug 17 17:05:20 +0000 2020

RT @LegoNASAWomen: 84 years young today! Wishing a very happy birthday to the incomparable computer scientist Margaret H. Hamilton. 🎂 https…
 Mon Aug 17 17:37:32 +0000 2020

Being more productive doesn't mean getting more done in the same amount of time. That's being more busy.

 Mon Aug 17 20:09:29 +0000 2020

RT @SarahKSilverman: HEY BIG BUSINESSES, who’s gonna step up and make Election Day a day off instead of a classist farce? WHO’S IN?? @Jeff…
 Tue Aug 18 01:44:27 +0000 2020

@sfbike any plans to run bike trains to drop off ballots at City Hall in the run up to the Nov 3rd election?
 Thu Aug 20 19:16:33 +0000 2020

Love this https://twitter.com/WellSkyHealth/status/1296525276541853697
 Thu Aug 20 21:50:31 +0000 2020

RT @polotek: I wish we talked more about what it takes to build alignment with coworkers. Most of us are taught to just state what we curre…
 Thu Aug 20 22:36:47 +0000 2020

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Horseradish, horseradish, and habanero mango hot sauce 😂
 Fri Aug 21 04:56:51 +0000 2020

RT @KR1573N: Annual reminder: use your PTO.
 Fri Aug 21 04:57:28 +0000 2020

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In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they're not.
 Fri Aug 21 20:17:08 +0000 2020

RT @Jason_Morrow: Hey folks, I'm looking for a Staff UX Designer who has experience in infrastructure/IA. Amazing opportunity to influence…
 Fri Aug 21 20:57:01 +0000 2020

"When a technical system surprises us, it is most often because our mental models of that system are flawed." - The Stella Report
 Sat Aug 22 00:49:01 +0000 2020

RT @marinillass: Deploy on Fridays, or Don´t 🤔
The choice is up to you! #codingisfun #continuousDeployment
https://hackernoon.com/deploy-on-fridays-or-dont-qg2y32jk via @da…
 Sat Aug 22 00:53:49 +0000 2020

"The earliest activities, however, did not appear to be hypothesis-driven but instead focused on hypothesis generation (Woods and Hollnagel 2006)" - The Stella Report
 Sat Aug 22 01:14:50 +0000 2020

RT @Dymaxion: Getting hired in the tech industry is a funny thing, isn't it — all these weird "culture fit" things.

Let's make having Pala…
 Sat Aug 22 02:39:55 +0000 2020

RT @EmilyKager: Why does the industry optimize for finding a new job every ~18 months to stay competitively paid rather than promoting grow…
 Mon Aug 24 16:50:17 +0000 2020

RT @perrilane: 🤓
 Mon Aug 24 16:55:31 +0000 2020

RT @EricTopol: @ScottGottliebMD @SteveFDA The @US_FDA tweeting this subgroup of a subgroup of a subgroup analysis just adds to this disgrac…
 Mon Aug 24 17:18:24 +0000 2020

Wow, cocaine looks like a helluva drug.
 Tue Aug 25 01:52:02 +0000 2020

Enroll in college, get cheap healthcare. I can't even. https://healthcareisdumb.com/
 Tue Aug 25 16:56:26 +0000 2020

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3 kids distance learning and 2 adults WFH and my Grafana graphs never measure above 15 Mbps (for calls, not d/ls obviously). I'm the only one wired. That @ubnt gear is great.
 Tue Aug 25 21:13:47 +0000 2020

RT @GavinNewsom: This will not be the policy of the state of CA. https://twitter.com/CNN/status/1298582772932648960
 Thu Aug 27 03:31:19 +0000 2020

RT @TheLeadDev: 'Promoting any engineer to principal without demonstrative skills in more than just ‘the code’ would be a disservice to the…
 Thu Aug 27 03:32:54 +0000 2020

RT @PCH_SF: “I don’t agree with the new CDC guidance. Period. Full stop,” Gov. Newsom said.

Go Gavin.

Cuomo says New York will also not…
 Thu Aug 27 03:38:56 +0000 2020

RT @HeerJeet: People working at Facebook need to think about going on strike like the NBA. https://twitter.com/JesseLehrich/status/1298734570750255104
 Thu Aug 27 03:48:52 +0000 2020

Replying to @ripienaar

Glad they got me to read the entire book series. #2 was :chef's kiss:
 Thu Aug 27 08:01:03 +0000 2020

Having a lot of work that's outstanding is not outstanding. 🤔
 Thu Aug 27 18:05:29 +0000 2020

RT @copyconstruct: Finally, the most important conclusion might be that ... push scales better than pull, after all.

This isn't hugely su…
 Sun Aug 30 19:00:25 +0000 2020

RT @helpfuleng: Learn more and find out how you can contribute to VentOS, a project working create to an #opensource, safe, and efficient #…
 Sun Aug 30 19:05:37 +0000 2020

RT @lauralifts: Since Alex Karp has so much to say about Silicon Valley engineers' refusal to work on certain kinds of projects in his S-1…
 Sun Aug 30 19:18:15 +0000 2020

RT @DrTomFrieden: There is ZERO doubt. There were 215,000 more US deaths March-July than baseline, 71% diagnosed as Covid deaths by their d…
 Mon Aug 31 16:52:07 +0000 2020

RT @laurieontech: I can't say this enough.

You will read code more than you write code.

Learn to get good at it.
 Mon Aug 31 17:09:04 +0000 2020

RT @DarrenNI: @johncutlefish @Atlassian @CultureAmp Maybe they could look at the 9 year-old request on their support forum to implement swi…
 Tue Sep 01 02:54:06 +0000 2020