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RT @mangoteque: “Members of a diverse team, by serving as effective checks and balances for each other, help curb idiosyncratic and errant…
 Thu Apr 01 19:33:42 +0000 2021

RT @Upwork: What do @Netflix, @Google, and @Amazon have in common? They are good at delivering software. @davemangot @CIOonline explains wh…
 Fri Apr 02 16:18:59 +0000 2021

https://twitter.com/davemangot/status/1336931954730496003?s=19 https://twitter.com/thenewstack/status/1377684761376825344
 Fri Apr 02 19:33:59 +0000 2021

It's 👏🏼 cheaper👏🏼 to 👏🏼 fix👏🏼 in👏🏼Dev! Fast feedback FTW! https://twitter.com/kevinbehr/status/1378020605446983681
 Fri Apr 02 19:57:00 +0000 2021

"You're either a learning organization or losing to someone who is." - @littleidea https://twitter.com/HarvardBiz/status/1378314589306257408
 Sat Apr 03 23:21:27 +0000 2021

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Paging @yvonnezlam 🙂
 Sat Apr 03 23:37:18 +0000 2021

RT @ScottGottliebMD: We’ve prematurely pulled back from some mitigation like masks. We’re near a vaccine inflection point, but not quite th…
 Sun Apr 04 17:38:17 +0000 2021

RT @keithadam: Limiting work in process is really about limiting the size of the things in progress
 Mon Apr 05 06:10:08 +0000 2021

 Mon Apr 05 20:46:08 +0000 2021

Bosch and Milwaukee power tools, good. 😊
Other brands of power tools, bad. 😡

🙄 https://twitter.com/wabzqem/status/1378894021397909506
 Mon Apr 05 20:57:07 +0000 2021

RT @zakijam: A 30m intervention encouraging parole officers to create empathic relationships with people on parole decreased recidivism by…
 Tue Apr 06 01:50:27 +0000 2021

RT @HarvardBiz: Command and control management is on its way out, and bosses who practice empathy and make an effort to connect are in. htt…
 Tue Apr 06 15:13:59 +0000 2021

RT @LondonBreed: As of today 50% of San Franciscans over 16 have received a vaccine.

We're vaccinating almost 12,000 San Franciscans per d…
 Tue Apr 06 22:36:33 +0000 2021

RT @TheOnion: Covid Announces Plan To Move Operations To Texas Full-Time To Escape Burdensome Regulations https://bit.ly/3bY7peo https://t…
 Wed Apr 07 03:50:06 +0000 2021

RT @mangoteque: If you want innovation in your company, don't create "innovation initiatives" or "innovation teams", turn the organization…
 Thu Apr 08 01:44:45 +0000 2021

RT @aswinn: LA friends: the Cal State LA site will accept any walk-ins 18+. You must go to the walk-in line. They have thousands of doses g…
 Thu Apr 08 05:25:12 +0000 2021

RT @dparzych: "Until code is in production no value is being generated." The Phoenix Project by @RealGeneKim @izifortune #GalaxyConf
 Thu Apr 08 05:25:35 +0000 2021

RT @ssasalatti: Making it easy to check in but harder to got to production doesn’t help. Should be the other way around.
 Sat Apr 10 02:33:34 +0000 2021

RT @mipsytipsy: Fast CI/CD is a game changer, a life changer, a completely different profession than slow, arduous, delayed deployments. It…
 Mon Apr 12 06:30:27 +0000 2021

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That's empathic contaigen, one of 3 components of modern empathic models promoted by leading neuroscientists at UCLA and Stanford (also mentalizing, prosocial concern).
Definitely not an axis to be emphasized in stressful environments. Burnout ensues.
 Mon Apr 12 07:02:35 +0000 2021

RT @HarvardBiz: We know that in-person social interaction is healthy. But research confirms that the more you use Facebook, the worse off y…
 Mon Apr 12 16:40:59 +0000 2021

RT @zakijam: AI company wants to deliver "empathy nudges" to call center workers burnt out from working conditions.

Wildly unhelpful I bet…
 Tue Apr 13 15:40:18 +0000 2021

This was a really fun exercise. @adman65 & I essentially took a classic business transformation book and updated it to modern DevOps thinking to show how concretely relevant its lessons still are in ways to which we can all relate.
Can be used to help transform YOUR organization! https://twitter.com/smallbatchesfm/status/1382004168584540163
 Tue Apr 13 16:37:42 +0000 2021

RT @ChloeCondon: Me when I cancel a meeting last min: I AM A TERRIBLE PERSON AND FEEL BAD AHHHHHH. I AM SO SORRY. 😰

Me when someone else c…
 Wed Apr 14 01:39:19 +0000 2021

RT @thelongshanx: This video is a great example of why science communication jobs are so important - if you have anxiety about which vaccin…
 Wed Apr 14 20:38:48 +0000 2021

 Wed Apr 14 20:57:28 +0000 2021

RT @vjon: You know @48hills and @HillaryRonen, local isp @monkeybrainsnet already offers super fast (mine is 400mbps) internet for $35 a mo…
 Wed Apr 14 23:33:06 +0000 2021

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Did Slack just remove support for Markdown???
 Wed Apr 14 23:36:20 +0000 2021

RT @tony_russell255: @imonthercks @LLSusa Reese-Power
 Thu Apr 15 18:42:27 +0000 2021

Thanks @madplatt, a great read.

 Fri Apr 16 20:41:27 +0000 2021

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 Fri Apr 16 21:19:09 +0000 2021

Movie plot or...? https://twitter.com/Nature/status/1383077489354899456
 Fri Apr 16 22:38:25 +0000 2021

RT @MattHaneySF: Mission Neighborhood Health Center has lots and lots of no shows today and huge capacity to vaccinate more.

Go to Missio…
 Sun Apr 18 03:09:44 +0000 2021

RT @norootcause: "Mistakes become choices when we look at them in retrospect. In fact, blame makes mistakes choices."
 Sun Apr 18 03:11:39 +0000 2021

I've been working on vaccine delivery for months as part of @helpfuleng. If you're in the US lamenting the "not totally optimized" vaccine appointment system, consider there are actually billions of people on the planet who would switch places with you in the blink of an eye.
 Sun Apr 18 03:18:16 +0000 2021

RT @lkanies: I mean. Puppet has been running on the ISS for years, so we already had DevOps in space.

But this is a whole different level.…
 Tue Apr 20 21:54:13 +0000 2021

RT @AmyCEdmondson: #PsychologicalSafety, Venn diagram edition.
Accurate and to the point as always from @lizandmollie https://t.co/U4DGo7P…
 Wed Apr 21 20:08:18 +0000 2021

Q: what do you see in companies that haven't purchased your product?

A: more money
 Wed Apr 21 21:48:27 +0000 2021

RT @ashishkjha: India is in the throes of a horrendous COVID surge


They are struggling to get more people vaccinated

We are s…
 Thu Apr 22 15:57:26 +0000 2021

RT @bryanl: Assume that failures will happen. A good leader teaches how to learn from failure. A poor leader looks for someone to blame. A…
 Sat Apr 24 05:59:33 +0000 2021

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Because we don't experiment on human subjects without their consent. Full stop. How this passed an IRB is mind boggling.

To think that "security problem"s exist outside the realm of sociotechnical systems is how we got here in the first place.
 Sat Apr 24 06:07:35 +0000 2021

RT @Atul_Gawande: This outbreak is vital to understand. It shows what we still face if younger folks go unvaccinated.

47% of health care…
 Sat Apr 24 06:19:58 +0000 2021

RT @LegoCSWomen: 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️
We've now passed 6K supporters!! Just a few thousand to go in our goal to reach 10K. Thanks to everyone for…
 Sat Apr 24 15:50:38 +0000 2021

RT @royrapoport: Bitcoin incentivizes renewable energy like smoking helps promote advances in the treatment of lung cancer.
 Sat Apr 24 19:46:00 +0000 2021

RT @MattDevost: No one that knew Dan Kaminsky well is talking about DNS today. They are talking about kindness, boundless energy and posit…
 Sun Apr 25 20:29:55 +0000 2021

It me. https://twitter.com/johncutlefish/status/1386146096926363649
 Sun Apr 25 21:13:47 +0000 2021

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I don't know of any fault injection exercise (Gamedays, Failure Fridays, Chaos Monkey, etc.) where the participants are not aware of the exercise.

There needs to be oversight. If the researchers wanted to avoid the "observer effect" maybe they could have
 Mon Apr 26 21:03:50 +0000 2021

Replying to @behemphi and @linuxfoundation

setup an arrangement with @linuxfoundation leadership that they could step in if the researchers were being abusive, etc.

The way they did it, they were solely responsible for the method, oversight, duration, etc. and the humans were unwitting participant whose time, mental
 Mon Apr 26 21:04:38 +0000 2021

Replying to @behemphi and @linuxfoundation

mental well being, etc. were solely at the discretion of the "attackers".

This should never have passed the IRB and is why I support so much of @postwait's message about ethics in computing.
 Mon Apr 26 21:05:55 +0000 2021

RT @narayan___b: I like a feature consumption dashboard with 0 customers before feature flags are turned on :) https://twitter.com/shreyas/status/1387079786107863048
 Wed Apr 28 04:42:36 +0000 2021

RT @nicolefv: @jezhumble Honestly this is one of my favorite fun facts to throw at the haters who try and tell me (or cute kids comin up) t…
 Wed Apr 28 15:41:18 +0000 2021

No sense in introducing unnecessary complexity, it's an emergent property of the system. You get the complexity for free! https://twitter.com/mjpt777/status/1138404421971451910
 Wed Apr 28 15:49:18 +0000 2021

RT @mangoteque: When performing the Service Delivery Assessment we often impress on organizations why robust Feature Flagging is a superpow…
 Wed Apr 28 18:37:54 +0000 2021

RT @Code2040: We’re excited to announce we are actively filling partnership spots for our 2022 Fellows Program! 🎉 For more details on how…
 Thu Apr 29 01:22:23 +0000 2021

RT @sydgibs: the difference between mathematicians and computer scientists is that mathematicians love math and computer scientists hate co…
 Thu Apr 29 01:24:56 +0000 2021

RT @UberGeekGirl: #SafetyNerds Thursdays: the 2 most intellectually fulfilling hours in my week! We talked about post-incident interviews,…
 Thu Apr 29 17:32:01 +0000 2021

RT @KentBeck: A 12-month roadmap is like a box of a dozen donuts & you can only eat 1 a month. By the time you get to 10, 11, 12 you'd real…
 Thu Apr 29 17:53:07 +0000 2021

RT @ldavidmarquet: Don't figure how to give information to those in authority. Figure how to give those with the information the authority…
 Thu Apr 29 21:14:26 +0000 2021

RT @benarent: Great conversation with @davemangot.

We discuss
- DevSecOps
- Security to be viewed as a part of quality
- Gamedays
- Incr…
 Sat May 01 06:39:43 +0000 2021