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I read the a16z trillion dollar paradox paper and not only do I feel dumber, but I feel like I should send them a bill for the time they took from my life.
 Sat Jul 03 00:11:40 +0000 2021

RT @LifeBlo56031000: What lessons can be learned from Netflix and Blockbuster? @davemangot shares his experience into why some companies d…
 Sun Jul 04 16:45:44 +0000 2021

RT @PicardTips: Picard management tip: Don't negotiate absurd schedules with engineers. Encourage truth telling and reasonable time estimat…
 Mon Jul 05 20:46:31 +0000 2021

RT @HillNadell: Congratulations to @melhilario, @LaurenDavis, and @katiesaurusrex! We can’t wait to share AGENT CUPCAKE with the world! htt…
 Wed Jul 07 17:27:14 +0000 2021

RT @crist_chelsea: When applying for jobs, try not to get hung up on the “years of experience” listed in the posting. Do you have a majorit…
 Wed Jul 07 17:32:18 +0000 2021

I just included this gif for a talk I'm giving next week (private, sorry) and I'm starting to wonder whether I might need to take some extra time off this summer. 😂
 Wed Jul 07 19:26:30 +0000 2021

# Normalize trial and error experimentation
 Wed Jul 07 19:49:17 +0000 2021

 Fri Jul 09 16:26:59 +0000 2021

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The infra I built at Salesforce is going public cloud, so if you're bigger than Salesforce...
I'm giving a private talk Wed on this exact topic and while you're trying to do devops engineers, network topologies, DRAC cards, iLO...your competition gets world class versions how..?
 Sun Jul 11 15:59:16 +0000 2021

RT @madplatt: But-have-you-talked-to-them-as-a-Service
 Sun Jul 11 18:34:46 +0000 2021

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I thought his point wasn't about deaths in Nevada, but about spreading these and new variants all over the place. Some probably with low vax rates.
 Sun Jul 11 18:51:26 +0000 2021

RT @aaronrinehart: If you haven't read anything yet from @madplatt you should check out his blog at https://www.securitydifferently.com/rasmussens-systemic-risk-modelling-and-cyber-security/ Some amazing ev…
 Tue Jul 13 02:54:19 +0000 2021

Often when I'm talking about agile software delivery, people point out software was delivered (late) w/ waterfall (poor quality) & that you would never agile build a house. True, but...
The old joke is all construction projects take 2x as long & cost 2x as much as expected. Soo..
 Tue Jul 13 04:21:08 +0000 2021

Your periodic reminder: You will never finish the backlog, for various reasons. Generally no one ever got fired for working on the most important things for the business.

Work on those and Marie Kondo goodbye the rest. What do you want to spend your engineering tokens on?
 Tue Jul 13 16:28:45 +0000 2021

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Putting aside all the standard #DevOps stuff about silos and alignment (or maybe not), as my friend @madplatt would say:


 Tue Jul 13 16:47:51 +0000 2021

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It depends! 🙂

One of the things I really appreciate about @mik_kersten's message is that at different times we prioritize (risk, defect, etc.) with more or less weight based on business needs.

Grooming cadence is related to cycle cadence.
 Tue Jul 13 17:05:40 +0000 2021

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I've been thinking about this wrt pre-fab (i.e. made at a factory, assembled on-site) housing.
 Tue Jul 13 17:54:09 +0000 2021

Was meeting with a group of CTOs today and one of them called me "prophetic". How's your day going? 😁
 Wed Jul 14 18:24:31 +0000 2021

I don't know how she does it, but if @melhilario can get my 8 yo daughter interested in a book about coding, she's doing something right! Bravo! Highly recommended.
 Thu Jul 15 03:35:23 +0000 2021

RT @DSAArchaeology: Pass it on!
 Thu Jul 15 15:52:25 +0000 2021

RT @shl: Less time perfecting your first attempt, more time spent getting to your tenth attempt.
 Thu Jul 15 18:44:57 +0000 2021

RT @Bob_Wachter: If you're wondering how bad Delta really is, even in highly vaccinated SF (76% of >age 12 fully vaxxed) & still w/ a lot o…
 Thu Jul 15 21:44:56 +0000 2021

I was this many years old when I learned (via @botchagalupe podcast) that @chawklady is pronounced Seahawk lady and not Chalk lady 😂
 Thu Jul 15 21:58:41 +0000 2021

RT @hillelogram: The two hardest problems in computer science are computers and science
 Fri Jul 16 02:19:38 +0000 2021

RT @martymadrid: What a startup really thinks about the “what if the larger, publicly traded company, were to build a competitive offering”…
 Mon Jul 19 19:58:47 +0000 2021

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Make it even more like Ansible by eliminating the salt-master with salt-ssh. https://docs.saltproject.io/en/latest/topics/ssh/index.html
 Tue Jul 20 00:31:58 +0000 2021

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Couldn't happen to a better guy. ¡Felicidades!
 Tue Jul 20 20:31:37 +0000 2021

RT @helpfuleng: "Helpful's VentOS project is designed to be a free, open, highly modifiable universal software platform for mechanical vent…
 Wed Jul 21 01:28:45 +0000 2021

We actually subtract points for "unlimited time off" on the @mangoteque Service Delivery Assessment. https://twitter.com/kieranmch/status/1417397673888468992
 Thu Jul 22 00:46:09 +0000 2021

 Thu Jul 22 17:35:42 +0000 2021

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The teams don't do the testing, the NFL does. Their COVID protocols are very rigorous (proximity lanyards, etc).
 Fri Jul 23 20:31:03 +0000 2021

RT @DevHawk: #WordsToLiveBy
 Mon Jul 26 00:53:53 +0000 2021

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Agreed, they are gold.
 Mon Jul 26 01:02:21 +0000 2021

RT @mangoteque: Thrilled to see such spot on advice from @ke11eyp:
"Technology is generally the key to successful growth and scalability of…
 Mon Jul 26 20:51:00 +0000 2021

RT @lisaphillips: Shoutout to sysadmins from the late 90s - before Stack Overflow - when your day was like:

Read man pages and software do…
 Wed Jul 28 17:14:19 +0000 2021

RT @mangoteque: They successfully attacked between the release of patches for SaaS and on prem!

Shipping more often and more confidently i…
 Wed Jul 28 17:28:04 +0000 2021

RT @kartar: Can't agree with this fast enough. Build versus buy decisions, outside of your core business, should default to buy - every exc…
 Wed Jul 28 17:40:36 +0000 2021

RT @jessalyn: The irony of antivaxers saying they “don’t want to be part of an experiment” without realising they are now the control group.
 Wed Jul 28 18:00:15 +0000 2021

RT @SteveElsewhere: Love to see the shoutout to Value Stream Mapping but I’ve actually pulled all 4 of these tools into Flow Engineering ov…
 Wed Jul 28 18:11:38 +0000 2021

No, the irony of getting a 500 error while reading the 2nd edition of Release It! is not lost on me. 🤦
 Thu Jul 29 06:15:20 +0000 2021

RT @StevenShorrock: So @UberGeekGirl organised a safety nerds coffee talk today where we talked about this old thing https://t.co/VQveHrlex…
 Fri Jul 30 22:32:52 +0000 2021