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RT @botchagalupe: Listening to "Profound - Dr. Deming - Episode 21- Steve Pereira - The Flow Collective" at https://www.buzzsprout.com/1758599/9466810
 Mon Nov 01 20:17:35 +0000 2021

This is true. If your boss cares about "nines" more than learning from incidents, change the definition of an incident.

It's a social construct anyway. https://twitter.com/SysQuotes/status/1455202285085200385
 Mon Nov 01 20:40:56 +0000 2021

Changing the @mangoteque email list over to a monthly dose of #DevOps for #PrivateEquity has been great.

This month I'm going to explain why it's cheaper to run in 3 data centers than in 2! New dose drops tomorrow. Sign up!

 Tue Nov 02 01:02:44 +0000 2021

RT @StevenShorrock: You can't 'empower' someone else. When people say this, what they mean is: "I'm still in power. Make no mistake. But I'…
 Wed Nov 03 05:29:42 +0000 2021

RT @madplatt: The contract I was supposed to start soon may be delayed, so if you know of anyone looking for an #Infosec / #CyberSecurity c…
 Wed Nov 03 17:20:46 +0000 2021

RT @kathkeating: Always great hearing the truth about #security in #DevOps from ⁦@davemangot⁩ at ⁦@7ctos⁩ #privateequity https://t.co/O7Q0c…
 Thu Nov 04 23:44:39 +0000 2021

OH: trust is earned in drops, and lost in buckets
 Fri Nov 05 18:23:49 +0000 2021

I thought I had imposter syndrome but I don't think I understood the concept well enough.
 Fri Nov 05 20:39:34 +0000 2021

RT @exavierpope: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar brought facts and all of the smoke to Aaron Rodgers and this bar is the cherry on top
 Tue Nov 09 21:35:52 +0000 2021

RT @JohnathanPerk: Reading about a San Francisco cop, Jack Nyce, 46, who was among the 41 officers put on leave for refusing SF’s Nov. 1st…
 Wed Nov 10 17:53:23 +0000 2021

Replying to @tdpauw and @patrickdebois

 Wed Nov 10 17:55:02 +0000 2021

RT @dorkitude: Boring CTO opinion: almost everything you built in years 0-3 should've been built on Rails + Heroku.

Optimize your enginee…
 Wed Nov 10 18:07:12 +0000 2021

RT @jbeda: Unpopular opinion test balloon: TLM (Tech Lead/Manager), as a job, is a bad idea. Being a good TL is hard. Being a good manager…
 Wed Nov 10 18:09:02 +0000 2021

RT @mangoteque: “This would be so much easier if we could just use VMWare Motion.”

After learning to recognize it, I can't unsee it. That…
 Wed Nov 10 20:20:34 +0000 2021

@PGE4Me how many years is reasonable for a utility company to replace a utility pole instead of just adding a 2nd on Bryant St in San Francisco? 2 years? 3 years?
 Wed Nov 17 16:54:50 +0000 2021

Amazing humor aside... Can confirm, teaching DevOps to startups (show direction) vs. PE portfolio enterprise (change direction) is a completely different, uh, beast. https://twitter.com/Trace_Cohen/status/1460972356135002120
 Wed Nov 17 18:06:43 +0000 2021

RT @michmuzz: Have you ever wondered about #MachineEthics? What happens when robots are autonomous? What do robots do to our sense of self?…
 Thu Nov 18 22:32:45 +0000 2021

I'll be in Vegas 11/30-12/1 during AWS re: Invent. If you will too, LMK!

Let's talk #DevOps!

DMs open.
 Fri Nov 19 03:32:01 +0000 2021

RT @kief: @ripienaar My concern with GitOps is that it seems to encourage people to maintain a different version of infra code for each env…
 Fri Nov 19 19:02:17 +0000 2021

RT @obfuscurity: UNIX
 Fri Nov 19 19:02:59 +0000 2021

 Fri Nov 19 19:06:15 +0000 2021

RT @AndrewDavis_io: Grateful to have had a chance to learn from @botchagalupe today in @SteveElsewhere's Flow Collective.
 Fri Nov 19 19:55:51 +0000 2021

Every system is perfectly designed to get the results it gets. - W. Edwards Deming
 Fri Nov 19 22:23:51 +0000 2021

RT @tom_geraghty: Psychological safety doesn’t mean you always need to be positive and upbeat. It means you’re allowed to have off-days, wh…
 Sat Nov 20 03:12:43 +0000 2021

In the same vein as @RealGeneKim always talks about the 5 people we hang out with... I'm consistently so impressed by people I get to hang out with regularly like @UberGeekGirl @SteveElsewhere @yvonnezlam @botchagalupe @madplatt @esnoeijs @crashlurks and @petercnorton #FF
 Sat Nov 20 03:22:56 +0000 2021

RT @PicardTips: Picard management tip: If you're on red alert every day, then red alert means nothing.
 Sun Nov 21 01:14:57 +0000 2021

RT @kathkeating: My thoughts on how #GEMs are a better alternative to goal setting than the #okr framework was picked up in the #LevelUp ne…
 Sun Nov 21 19:30:43 +0000 2021

 Sun Nov 21 19:42:15 +0000 2021

RT @goteleport: 🎙 Ep. 2 of our Access Control Podcast: @davemangot and @benarent chat about #DevSecOps and why #security is a huge, importa…
 Sun Nov 21 19:52:14 +0000 2021

I simply don't understand how when you need to burn clock before the automatic field goal, you line up empty set on every play and instead of putting the pressure on their offense, you place it on your depleted defense @Steelers. Nonsensical. Moronic.
 Mon Nov 22 04:48:17 +0000 2021

Replying to @coldclimate

That's why we rapid tested EVERYONE before they could enter our last affair. Literally a line at the door and you couldn't enter without neg test and proof of vax if applicable. One positive. No one from that family admitted.
 Tue Nov 23 16:32:24 +0000 2021

Replying to @coldclimate

I'm sure. That was OUR policy, not government policy.
 Tue Nov 23 18:01:20 +0000 2021

Oh great, the anti vax nonsense is starting to take over LinkedIn too. Hooray.
 Tue Nov 23 23:49:35 +0000 2021

RT @beajammingh: The majority of organisations use of Kubernates.
 Thu Nov 25 12:38:05 +0000 2021

Promote adaptive capacity instead, y'all. https://twitter.com/SysQuotes/status/1464624415942008836
 Sat Nov 27 19:16:30 +0000 2021

Replying to @etdebruin

Thanks for letting everyone else in on our secret Etienne!!
 Sat Nov 27 23:29:54 +0000 2021

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Great memories being unplugged at Hanalei Colony Resort, driving into town in an open air Jeep to get fresh poke and whatever the fresh catch was and going back to cook it on the communal charcoal grills. Snorkeling, hiking, surfing, magic.
 Sat Nov 27 23:45:21 +0000 2021

RT @rlyeh: We're now at the Omicron variant. Pi and Rho will be the next two, followed by six Sigma variants as required by the ISO 13053…
 Sun Nov 28 18:37:59 +0000 2021

RT @lovelacecoding: The Tech Ladies list I started for women to find other women in tech, and to create more diversity on your timeline.

 Sun Nov 28 21:43:07 +0000 2021

The "best" tool is the one that aligns most closely with your company culture while delivering the desired results.

Features, popularity, etc. all nonsense.

Adoption rules the day. https://twitter.com/behemphi/status/1464988472347877380
 Sun Nov 28 21:52:55 +0000 2021

RT @RadioFreeTom: Will we never solve this intricate mystery https://twitter.com/NBCLA/status/1464731019664412675
 Sun Nov 28 21:55:06 +0000 2021

RT @wcgallego: Psst, you can say hugops to folks, and you can mean it sincerely. It doesn't have to have an agenda than "We're thinking of…
 Mon Nov 29 19:37:26 +0000 2021

RT @mangoteque: Love seeing stuff from happy Mangoteque customers! (At SFO)
 Tue Nov 30 16:23:34 +0000 2021

What a horse race we're in. 🏇🏁 https://twitter.com/washingtonpost/status/1465640503182045185
 Tue Nov 30 16:44:40 +0000 2021

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Moved to https://www.picoreplayer.org/ with a DAC for the player.
 Wed Dec 01 03:01:04 +0000 2021