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 Mon Apr 04 02:29:04 +0000 2022

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"You're not sitting in traffic, you ARE traffic!" 😳
 Tue Apr 05 02:45:18 +0000 2022

@jessitron bringing the absolute TRUTH!! 😍 https://twitter.com/matthewpskelton/status/1511691569346265091
 Wed Apr 06 15:59:10 +0000 2022

RT @drkurta: Want to talk through some of the challenges of moving #SRE From Theory to Practice (FTTP)? Let us know in this short survey:…
 Wed Apr 06 20:51:23 +0000 2022

Make the right way the easy way! https://twitter.com/dberkholz/status/1511804317791096845
 Wed Apr 06 20:55:09 +0000 2022

Love this! 😍

"Innovation is a post-hoc quality filter on adaptation." - Steffen Reindl
 Thu Apr 07 17:36:11 +0000 2022

An architect who doesn't do implementation is a product owner.
 Thu Apr 07 17:44:51 +0000 2022

RT @jmvasquez1974: @twitter can you just verify me so people can stop using my name to rip off others?
 Thu Apr 07 19:17:23 +0000 2022

RT @CygentaHQ: Typical anti-phishing communications just teach a tactical response to phishing. When we do this, we don't build resilience…
 Thu Apr 07 19:34:19 +0000 2022

RT @bryce: Surprised no one has done a YC clone targeting 40yo+ founders.
 Fri Apr 08 17:56:23 +0000 2022

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Just in time to get rid of everything leavened! 😂
 Sat Apr 09 22:14:30 +0000 2022

RT @GergelyOrosz: What many sw engineers don't realize:

The majority of jobs do not hire you to write the highest quality code or produce…
 Sun Apr 10 18:54:41 +0000 2022

RT @DrScottWatkins: Actual conversations in our house: "It's like the moon landing Joanne, you'll remember where you were..."

One small bl…
 Mon Apr 11 16:39:48 +0000 2022

I've recommended this essay to 2 people in 2 weeks so that's probably a sign I need to post it here.

"...engineering is all about cooperation, collaboration, and empathy for both your colleagues and your customers."
i.e. not code!


h/t @yonatanzunger
 Tue Apr 12 00:28:20 +0000 2022

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I've been meaning to write a talk for about 6 months combining software engineering with the book How Buildings Learn by Stewart Brand.

Don't make me do it Gene! 🙂
 Tue Apr 12 03:48:59 +0000 2022

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Loosely coupled!
 Tue Apr 12 12:54:52 +0000 2022

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I loved when he talked about the silos between groups at the MIT building because of the atrium. I would definitely have a DevOps perspective.
 Tue Apr 12 12:58:05 +0000 2022

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Heh, I will think about it. I've already got a talk about the results from performing a year of Assessments based on Accelerate I wrote this year, what's one more?! 😄
 Tue Apr 12 17:54:23 +0000 2022

Someone suggested we call it the "collaboration meeting" and because I don't believe in status meetings it sounded to me like: the department of redundancy department. 😳
 Wed Apr 13 15:27:53 +0000 2022

RT @niallm: The curse of Cassandra was to be correct, but never believed; the curse of systems thinkers is to be correct, but never valued.…
 Thu Apr 14 23:43:30 +0000 2022

RT @yinnerdo: The bay area climate fam (and all of our layers of clothes) out bearing the wind at @SPARKsocialSF yesterday. <3 https://t.co…
 Fri Apr 15 18:44:57 +0000 2022

Someone told me this week that in Lean, setup time is highly correlated to performance. Back in the day @RealGeneKim used to say that high performing teams could quickly build representative (test) environments.

And now you know what my brain has been doing for two days.
 Fri Apr 15 21:53:28 +0000 2022

I was going to speak at Velocity (https://youtu.be/X1qJrjK3Vq0) so I made an account on this website. #MyTwitterAnniversary
 Sat Apr 16 14:22:28 +0000 2022

There is definitely a comment to be made here about when @scottmcnealy banned PowerPoint at Sun and productivity increased. 🙂 https://twitter.com/KyivIndependent/status/1516354600730779649
 Tue Apr 19 16:16:24 +0000 2022

 Tue Apr 19 16:28:19 +0000 2022

RT @gvanrossum: @tech_update0 @ethereum @solana Let web3 die in a flaming ball of fire.
 Wed Apr 20 02:32:45 +0000 2022

Optimizing for volume of tickets is a losing strategy.
#DevOps #SRE
 Wed Apr 20 17:33:54 +0000 2022

RT @kellabyte: Some companies execute better cuz they are just out behaving you.

Not cuz they push more pressure or hire more management…
 Thu Apr 21 15:52:11 +0000 2022

RT @SwiftOnSecurity: Deploying to prod
 Thu Apr 21 16:15:47 +0000 2022

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Salt Lick briskets to go on your flight. Even comes in a freezer bag!
 Thu Apr 21 16:25:15 +0000 2022

I just read someone talking about the Boring company and how brilliant Elon is, ask in seriousness "Why have so many generations of civil engineers and city planners never thought about digging underground tunnels", and now I have to go cry somewhere.
 Thu Apr 21 18:25:16 +0000 2022

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InterNap used to sell a device to do this across upstream providers!

I've also seen it done across CDNs with percentages being served from each. Since the origin is the same, makes it pretty easy to move the CDNs around.
 Fri Apr 22 21:32:51 +0000 2022

The old Bait and Switch. A true classic.
I guess trust has no value to the @CloudNativeFdn. https://twitter.com/Dixie3Flatline/status/1517485638462803969
 Fri Apr 22 21:59:37 +0000 2022

@nytimes is there a media rule that pictures of Eastern Europe must be under lit and dreary? When the article says they are noted for their sunshine?

 Sat Apr 23 14:20:37 +0000 2022

RT @bob_the_mighty: When I was on the ops team, "what are you trying to achieve?" was the first thing I asked. every. time.

Engineers woul…
 Sat Apr 23 21:22:38 +0000 2022

@openbsd sysupgrade(8) 👏♥️🎉
 Sun Apr 24 00:35:57 +0000 2022

RT @dormando: Love how gmail labels everything "External". Bro I work alone.
 Mon Apr 25 01:52:37 +0000 2022

RT @rakyll: Hard problems become easier when you stop thinking tactical. My biggest challenge in the last few years is to help people to le…
 Mon Apr 25 01:53:47 +0000 2022

Don't DO agile, BE agile. https://twitter.com/HarvardBiz/status/1518120808899563520
 Mon Apr 25 02:16:27 +0000 2022

♥️ https://twitter.com/DaliaShea/status/1517846294873653249
 Mon Apr 25 03:18:52 +0000 2022

h/t @MauraLibrarian https://twitter.com/Goodable/status/1517501424610992129
 Mon Apr 25 03:22:50 +0000 2022

Got to show my youngest an iconic movie, for an iconic city. ♥️♥️♥️

 Mon Apr 25 03:47:20 +0000 2022

RT @mangoteque: The organization is growing, more and more tickets are coming in, and the Ops team decides to break off a team to just hand…
 Mon Apr 25 18:32:49 +0000 2022

RT @rhein_wein: Metrics from GitHub and JIRA can't tell you how productive an engineering team is.
 Tue Apr 26 20:06:59 +0000 2022

RT @dptalia: @CharlesTBetz @ITRevBooks @rob_england When I was a programmer, I always got books from O'Reilly.

Now that I deal with organi…
 Thu Apr 28 22:35:11 +0000 2022

RT @dmofengineering: CEO: How can we get builds out faster?
Engineers: I have an idea... https://twitter.com/bernhardsson/status/1519750367675924481
 Thu Apr 28 22:41:16 +0000 2022

RT @dmofengineering: You are an Engineer Trying To Convert To 64 Bit Timestamps Before All Hell Breaks Lose. https://twitter.com/_jpmz_/status/1519928172594315264
 Fri Apr 29 17:40:57 +0000 2022