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Just reading up on Mastadon to replace Twitter, as one does.
 Tue Nov 01 23:12:50 +0000 2022

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Getting answers leads to more questions. Of course.

 Wed Nov 02 16:47:50 +0000 2022

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Something loud that requires a lot of hard to find batteries. They will be invoking your name for years.
 Thu Nov 03 02:08:49 +0000 2022

When you're young and still believe that ship at all costs martyrdom leads to anything but devaluing your life by management and burnout.

But we're a family! (so were the Gambinos) https://twitter.com/esthercrawford/status/1587709705488830464
 Thu Nov 03 02:25:03 +0000 2022

Gee, I wonder why I'm looking at leaving Twitter with self-clueless bros like this railing against the "elites" running the show. 🤔 https://twitter.com/DavidSacks/status/1588025594897346560
 Thu Nov 03 16:30:12 +0000 2022

RT @RealMikeRother: Why should you and your team practice scientific thinking - as part of your everyday work - with Toyota Kata? https://t…
 Thu Nov 03 16:35:05 +0000 2022

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People are still hiring like gangbusters in Climate Tech.
 Thu Nov 03 16:36:42 +0000 2022

M&A hard truths:
If you're in the company that was bought, it's a merger.
If you're in the company doing the buying, it's an acquisition.
 Thu Nov 03 21:09:32 +0000 2022

If you're newly on the job market...change the future of humanity. (not with an app for funny cat pictures, tho, those are interesting).

 Fri Nov 04 16:10:48 +0000 2022

RT @niallm: Infrastructure staff occasionally joke with their colleagues about how long their systems would survive without them.

If you'v…
 Fri Nov 04 16:31:23 +0000 2022

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Echoing a lot of what @richburroughs said (he's smart).
Got laid off in Apr 2001. Got a great job 12/2001. Got laid off 8/2003. Was very hard to find a job after that. Eventually hired by a friend.
1. File for unemployment
2. Keep a daily routine
3. Network
4. This will pass. 💙
 Fri Nov 04 17:25:21 +0000 2022

Remaining Tweeps, nothing says you need to stay and work for an abusive manbaby who himself can do hardcore software engineering like it's 1996.
 Sat Nov 05 01:44:47 +0000 2022

"I should estimate that in my experience most troubles and most possibilities for improvement add up to the proportions something like this:
94% belongs to the system (responsibility of management) – 6% special" - W. Edwards Deming
(the father of quality) https://twitter.com/rakyll/status/1588742236808044544
 Sat Nov 05 05:11:17 +0000 2022

RT @marcan42: Seriously though. Elon firing Accessibility, Responsible AI, and co? We all saw that coming. He's that kind of asshole, and h…
 Sat Nov 05 06:25:38 +0000 2022

Gameable? Efficient? If this were true, it's not, it would be laughably foolish.

I added 10 lines of code that will increase COGS by $10M.

I made an algorithm more efficient and it's half the lines of code, simpler, and will decrease COGS by $10M.

Oh? Less code? You're out. https://twitter.com/Appyg99/status/1588917038881595392
 Sun Nov 06 17:57:08 +0000 2022

Hmm, a guy who thinks he's way smarter than he actually is, who's never faced any consequences for his actions in his life, rules by using reactive Tweets that change the rules based on anything that bothers his thin skin.

Where have I seen this before? 🤔
 Mon Nov 07 18:26:58 +0000 2022

RT @levie: Clock speed is one of the biggest factors you can optimize as a company. The speed at which you ship, get feedback, iterate, and…
 Tue Nov 08 00:24:27 +0000 2022

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I felt like going from a gas to an induction stove last week was like getting a level 2 charger. Boils water much faster and the precise control is amazing.
 Tue Nov 08 22:25:05 +0000 2022

At the @goteleport user conference. Such a great security community. Amazing content. Congrats to the team.
 Wed Nov 09 19:03:45 +0000 2022

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Tell me you've never been to the car free park and are just making up objections off the top of your head to make yourself look foolish without telling me.

Otherwise you'd know about the free shuttle specifically for the fake objections you're raising. Good lord.
 Thu Nov 10 21:59:23 +0000 2022

Got this account when I was giving a talk at Velocity. Just like Friendster, MySpace, etc. it was cool while it lasted. Probably won't post much here anymore.

Let's keep the conversation going in the #Fediverse : @davemangot@hachyderm.io

Later skater!
 Fri Nov 11 00:42:08 +0000 2022

@KyivIndependent Will you be posting on Mastodon soon so we can follow you there?
 Fri Nov 11 00:44:41 +0000 2022

@tweetings any chance you'll come out with a gorgeous paid Mastodon app like you did for Twitter?
 Fri Nov 11 01:01:38 +0000 2022

RT @madplatt: “When a clown moves into a palace, he doesn’t become a king. The palace becomes a circus.”

- Turkish proverb
 Fri Nov 11 01:31:25 +0000 2022

RT @steinkobbe: Funny thing is if Elon wasn't on Twitter I'd probably to this day think he's an evil but very capable industrialist, but th…
 Fri Nov 11 06:48:32 +0000 2022