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Process is a sign of success

5 minute read

Keeping up with growth in an organization is a GOOD problem. Process is a great solution, if done the right way.

Tech Debt and Company Growth

4 minute read

There are engineering concepts that are very difficult to quantify. Even if we could, does it make sense to aim for zero?

Growth culture in Westrum typology terms

5 minute read

Many teams in the alternative capital markets space talk about the elements of their culture that enable growth. This “conscious inquiry” approach is well known to high performing teams in the DevO...

Happy Holiday Hack Week

1 minute read

Engineers work hard all year. One of the best ways to be a high performer is to remember, downtime.

On Virtual Conference Speaking

5 minute read

Attending virtual conferences is a new experience. Presenting a virtual conferences requires a very different approach.

Managing work from the front

6 minute read

Being a frontline manager requires a careful negotiation between the business and the engineers. If we focus our efforts on needs, we’ll always be doing the right things.

How to bring order to Chaos

7 minute read

When taking charge of an organization characterized by chaos, use these principles to help quickly turn the ship get things under control.